Support national policies to drive development


…. UMB boss to banks.

By Richard Adonu Mensah

The managing director of Universal Merchant Bank (UMB), John Awuah, has called on stakeholders and banks to support national policies towards development.

According to him, taking key interest in national development, must be awake up call, since it will lead to growth of the economy.

Speaking at the  2018 National policy launched in Accra, Mr Awuah, said it was necessary for all Bankers to use their balance sheet in enhancing development.

“We should all use our balance sheet to assist, drive developmental agenda, so that we  can come to the table and not sit on the fence and leave everything to the policy makers. As market partners, we must also help in the direction of national policies”, Mr Awuah added.

He stated that a Private Public Partnership (PPP) sector is created at UMB  as a financial intermediary to cater for startups.

“Market dynamics is such that banks in Ghana do not focus much attention on startups. But at UMB, we believe that if we do not do it, who will come to Ghana to propel the startup operation to be the next generation of multi nationals. It will not happen by accident. There must be an action”, the UMB boss indicated.

Unveiling the venue for the 2018 national policy summits, the deputy information minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah ,said feedbacks from last year’s summit was tremendous and as such, proved that  Ghanaians have taken their place as citizens and not spectators.

He said, the quality of feedback received indicates that Ghanaians are eager to contribute ideas to shape and move Ghana forward.

The deputy information minister, disclosed that the 2018 national policy summits, would be held in Kumasi from July 23 to 24.

“It is important to move the summit to some other regional capitals so that they too get a feel of the program while government benefits from the views of stakeholders there too”, the deputy information minister revealed.
He said, the theme for this year’s summit is “assessing the growth and jobs agenda”.

According to him, this year’s summit, will give an opportunity to key economic sector ministries to engage on how well their sector have fared for the half of the year. And as such stakeholders will also have the opportunity to make an input into the implementation of the policies and programmes identified for the next half year.

The national policy summits is a platform which afford citizens, civil society groups, business community and government an opportunity to engage on policies and programs.
It was launched last year  in Accra.

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