Sunyani East NPP Boiling


….MP Accused Of Stealing Rice & Motorbikes

All is not well in the Sunyani East Constituency of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) as a former Constituency chairman, has accused the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) of stealing rice and motorbikes, meant for the party’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns respectively.

The MP, Kwesi Ameyaw-Cheremeh, has since threatened court action against James Oppong Asare, for defaming him. But the ex-chairman, who sounded unperturbed, insisted he was all set to meet the MP, who happens to be a lawyer in court to substantiate his claim against him.

The two, were separately on Sunyani-based Moonlight FM, in the Brong Ahafo Region tongue-lashing each other.

They have accused each other of working against the party, led by Nana Akufo-Addo, its 2016 flagbearer, for their parochial interest.

According to Mr. Asare, who first leveled the rice and motorbike theft allegations against the MP, in 2012, the party received some 15 motorbikes for the campaign, but the motorbikes, cannot be traced, same as some 50 bags of rice, which he claims, were kept at the MP’s garage.

“He said I said he stole motorbikes, it’s very true. In 2012, I was the NPP Constituency chairman, they [party] first brought us 10 motorbikes, then later the region added 5, ask him where are the motorbikes? I am ever ready to meet him at any court of his choice”, he said.

Mr. Asare, told the station that he knew about the items, because even in the case of the rice, it was his vehicle that came to offload them into the said garage.

He accused Mr. Ameyaw-Cheremeh of using the party to conduct a type of business, which benefits him alone, calling him greedy.

“He is using the party to do his own business. He is not campaigning for Nana, but himself alone”, he alleged.

This is not the first time a member of the party, is being accused of hijacking motorbikes. Ahead of the party’s national delegates’ conference in Tamale few years ago, Assin Central MP, Ken Agyapong, accused the then national chairman, Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey, of doing same.

The loudmouth MP, launched a one man campaign against the then executives and most of them lost that contest, including the late Jake.

On an earlier allegation that he made against the MP and later asked for forgiveness, Mr. Asare said, he did no such thing except that because he wanted peace to prevail, he pleaded with the MP, to let go whatever difference they haboured and ensure that Nana Addo, does not lose yet again.

According to him, he came to the realization that, if they did not amend their differences and work together, power was going to elude the NPP again, which meant that, their toil was going to be in vain, and so it was untrue that he knelt down to beg the MP adding, “I have witnesses among the executives present at the meeting”.

At another meeting, the chairman, who prides himself of helping the MP to get the seat he occupies in Parliament, politely asked the MP what he was doing with his Common Fund, since his constituents wanted to know. But the MP, he said, took offence and lambasted him asking him whether he was the one that took him to school?

The former chairman, told the host, he has since pitched camp with an independent candidate; George Kumi, a former High Commissioner to Nigeria and Ambassador to Libya under erstwhile John Kufuor government, because he on a number of occasions, has been insulted by the MP.

In one instance, the legislator sent his men led by one Maxwell Mahama, to his work place to remove Nana Addo’s posters he was using, because he was supporting Ambassador Kumi, and on a different occasion, he said, the MP, sent his men to his home to insult and beat him up.

He accused the MP of quarreling with all the executives of the party. The legislator he claimed, has insulted everyone, including chiefs and forcing the queen mother, to bar him from any public gathering.

But speaking to the same radio station, the MP, said he could not let the allegations go without contesting it in court.

“He has defamed me, so he should get ready and meet me in court. He should come and tell the court, who gave me the said 50 bags of rice and I have sold and squandered the money. He should meet me in court and tell me who gave me 15 motorbikes and I have sold them and squandered the money”, the MP said furiously.

Asked if they could work to ensure the NPP’s victory, the MP, accused Mr. Asare of working for the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) saying “The man accusing me is no different from the NDC”.

According to the MP, the former chairman ahead of Nana Addo’s election, endorsed the flagbearer ahead of the likes of John Alan Kyeremanten, but later went to Abesim, one of the strongholds of the party in the Constituency, and campaigned against him.

“He endorsed Nana Addo at the Sunyani Polytechnic, but immediately Nana left, he went to Abesim and told party members to vote for someone else”, he told the radio station.

The MP alleged that, Mr. Asare, has said that he, the MP was likely to be made a minister in the event that the flagbearer wins the December elections, and he does not know what he can get from the MP, so he is doing everything to ensure that Nana Addo, does not win.

According to the MP, his former chairman, has gone about speaking ill of him, but the moment he confronts him, he denies or kneels to beg for forgiveness.

The MP, who is seeking a third a mandate said, “Whatever that we will have to do to protect the party, we will do that. We won’t allow anybody to bring the name of the NPP into disrupt. We will do everything possible to protect the NPP in Sunyani. If someone says he is going as independent candidate, he must have his symbol for his campaign”.

Ambassador Kumi lost the NPP’s primaries with just one vote, this led to a misunderstanding which ended in court,. But later, the court said that the one vote be added to the MP’s votes.

Having declared his intention to contest as an independent candidate, the former High Commissioner, has been suspended from the party.

The Sunyani East seat, a safe one for the NPP, was first occupied by senior citizen, Joseph Henry Mensah, who occupied the seat from 1996 till 2004. The NPP, boycotted the 1992 elections, leaving it for the NDC.

The NDC is being represented in the coming elections by the Sunyani Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Kwesi Oppong Ababio, who hails from Abesim. It is believed that, if the NPP, does not put it house in order, the NDC’s candidate, may win the seat.

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