Sulphur In Diesel Revised To Maxim 500ppm


The National Petroleum Authority has revised the national sulphur specification for diesel from maximum 3000pmm (parts per million) to 500pmm effective January 2017. Additionally, all suppliers of fuel to Ghana are by this revised specification, allowed to import diesel at 10ppm or lower.

This means that whilst the revised national specification will be at 500pmm, suppliers of fuel could import ultra-low-sulphur-diesels (ULSD) to Ghana as pertains in Europe.

The revised national specification of sulphur in diesels, was reached on Monday 3rd October, 2016 with industry stakeholders after deliberations.

This deliberation has been part of an extensive and collaborative efforts with stakeholders since 2013 on how to reduce the sulphur levels in diesels consumed by motorists in Ghana and member states in the West African sub region.

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