Sugar Dating

Most people consider sugar relationship as a form of sex work, a label that is rejected by sugar dating and people into sugar dating. They claim is different from prostitution which is a “cash and carry” and u might not bump into same clients again, with sugaring a relationship is being established and might last for as long as it is convenient for the partners involved and that love can be  developed during such relationship.

Sugaring is a form of dating in which one partner (mostly the older partner) financially support the other, often in form of cash and gift. Wealthy older people supporting a younger ones is nothing revolutionary. A female’s attraction to a male’s display of resources is ingrained in many species from humans to apes to cats. So the question is why then does society hate gold diggers? Maybe relationship isn’t supposed to be about love but for survival.

Largely, it is the tertiary students that are into sugar dating. They venture into this relationship with the hopes of being able to pay for their tuition and be able to feed.        Some to live the lavish and glamorous lives that they see on Instagram lived by their favourite social media influencers and slay queens who are also beneficiaries of sugar dating.

Majority of these sugar babies claim to be claim to be better than their fellow ladies who shun sugar relationship but are swimming in debt and can’t pay their tuition, those who gets pregnant from one-stand night. Most of these sugar babies don’t feel takenadvantage. They claim it business and when it start get messy or has a rough start like in the case of “experienceddaddies”(older men who aren’t willing to take care of them and buy gifts but still wants to sleep with them), they quit. Sugar babies can decided how much committed they want to be in a relationship with their sugar daddies. The level of commitment determines how pampered you will be and the rewards you will be getting.

Sugar dating they say is less stressful since most of this sugar daddies have wives and family already so the relationship is kept in secrecy and won’t be spending all of their time with their sugar babies. Sugar babies in the tertiary education have time to focus on their education since of some of these relationship is not time consuming and less stress.

Whether dining at fancy restaurant, taking a trip, going to the cinema with your sugar daddy or spending quality time with him are benefit also enjoyed ina relationship younger guy so claiming sugar dating also involves love but with a special leverage because of how stress free it is, gifts and cheques involved. Sugar dating is now a social norm despite the frowns.


By Susana Amissah Bart-Plange

Ghana Institute Of Journalism






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