SUBAH Sponsors 15 Service Personnel To Study Abroad


By Gifty Arthur

Subah Infosolutions, Ghana’s Information Technology (IT) and telecommunications solutions provider, is sponsoring fifteen national service personnel, under the Urban Sanitation Module (USM), an initiative of Dr. Michael Kpesah-Whyte’s National Service Scheme (NSS).

The fifteen, led by a former biomedical engineering student from the University of Ghana, Legon, Rashid Haruna Ali, will in three weeks, live Ghana to study in two countries, The Netherlands and India.

Other prizes were, quarantined employment with SUBAH, tablets, cash prizes, as well as consolation prizes, such as branded power banks, pen drives and polo shirts.

The privileged graduates, eight are scheduled to study in The Netherlands, while the remaining seven, will be enrolled at a different university in India for a period of two years.

Upon their return, they will be offered job opportunities at SUBAH, so that knowledge acquired during their studies, could be tapped to solve other challenges of the country.

They are the first beneficiaries of the National Waste Bin Distribution (NaWaBin) under the (USM) programme run by Melchia Investments Ghana Limited (MIGL).

The beneficiaries, were announced at an awards ceremony to celebrate some ninety two members of the pioneer group of the module in Accra last Friday.

The award scheme, dubbed USM-SINSAS, was instituted to reward, build capacity, and create equal opportunity to hardworking NaWaBin-NSP with sponsorship from SUBAH Infosolutions.

In all, about one thousand five hundred service personnel, through the USM were deployed to drive the data collection exercise of the programme in September 2015.

Executive Director of the Jospong Group of Companies, which has SUBAH Infosolution, as one of its subsidiaries, said his outfit saw the need to empower the brilliant and hardworking ones, so that they could become better adults in the future for the country.

He said, all expenses are going to be catered for by SUBAH Infosolution.

According to Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyapong, it was going to be an exercise in futility, if after the young men and women, were deployed to collect those special data from the various communities, they were left to go without enhancing the technical know how they had acquired to better the nation.

And so it was as a result of that thinking that, SUBAH Infosolution, having worked with the beneficiaries over the past nine months, was tasked to initiative the scheme, to make good use of them.

“What SUBAH, was moved to do was to look at not having a nine months service personnel working with us as an organization with this special laudable idea of special collection of data concept, then after that they are just dispersed into various sectors where perhaps some of them getting job will be difficult”.

The programme he said, has come to stay and so just like it is spending for the first batch; about three million dollars ($3Million) would be budgeted to finance the programme yearly.

He urged the graduates to be proud of their motherland and work hard to better it. He commended the Executive Directive of NSS, Dr. Whyte, for developing the USM.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SUBAH Infosolution, said they would be ever prepared to employ the fifteen beneficiaries provided, when they return in two year, they will be prepared to work with them. Mr. Birendra Sasmal said, SUBAH has also agreed to fully fund a specialized training for the
remaining 36 graduates.

According to Birendra Sasmal, it was critical to develop a nation with technology and also set it as a good example to inspire and empower the younger generation.

The Minister for Environment Science Technology and Innovation (MESTI), said the initiative to collect special data was very crucial, as it would serve a good purpose for the various ministries, department and urgencies. According to Mr. Mahama Ayariga, the first time he was introduced to the system by Dr. Agyapong, he was “stunned” by what he saw and describing it as a “game changer”.

He said, Ghana could only be great and strong like it is said in the national anthem only when it people work towards it.

“Today’s world is a competitive world, nations are competing for supremacy and it is no longer about who has more nuclear weapons than the other, it is no longer the fashion, a few counties are still struggling to acquire nuclear weapons.

That is not really the trick now. The game changer is who is best able to marshal available technological know-how and apply it to the solution of our daily problems that is what will make our nation great and strong”. What will make nations great and strong today is your technological capabilities.

So what will make our nation great and strong is the extent to which we invest in acquiring excellent technological capabilities that we will diligently acquire to solving our daily problem and it is this commitment that brings me to this function this morning because I see the vision of this great man as he helps in his own little way to invest in young people to acquire technological capability so that they can be used to solve
Ghana’s problems and I commend him very highly for this initiative”.

The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo, who gave some words of advice to the youth, asked that national service personnel be taken to some military training to make them more disciplined and responsible.

In a remark, Dr. Whyte said, it was the commitment of the Scheme to design modules that some of the activities that people expect others to do are done by national service personnel as well.

He mentioned some of these problematic modules are the Urban Sanitation and the Urban Traffic Modules. He said though the designing of these modules were met with “cynicisms criticism and sometimes very unprintable words”.

“What we are doing now with this Urban Sanitation Module is to be able to map out where properties are located across this country, so that when you set off from your house using modern technologies such as the GPS system, you can drive straight to wherever you are going without asking anybody anything.

The importance of this system cuts across many sectors”, he said. He agreed with the regional minister and assured that next year, the decision to take service personnel through military training will commenced adding even if it is only one person that will participate, the Scheme will ensure it happens.

The overall best, Rashid Haruna Ali, said he was happy he had chalked that feet, because even though while he was at the university, he was studying to work at the health sector, he has surprisingly found himself at a totally different place and he was happy for that.

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