Students And Traffic; What Is The Relationship?

The recent directive by president Akufo-Addo, for schools both public and private at all levels to close down for four weeks, because of the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19), has once again brought to the fore the major cause of traffic in the capital.

Although, as a newspaper we cannot confirm what is happening in other parts of the country, especially the major cities and towns, we are sure the situation is the same across.

The falling standard of education in the public schools, has expectedly led to the boom in the proliferation of private schools. To say that parents now rely heavily on private schools for their wards, especially at the basic level is to state the obvious.

Since Monday, when the directive of the president came into force, the once traffic prone roads, which are usually congested in the morning during rush hour, as well as in the evening, are now free of traffic.

For example commuters travelling from Madina to Accra at least spend not less than two hours on the 10.7 miles or 17.22 kilometers journey, when during normal times; it should not take more than thirty minutes.

True or false, the fact that, anytime students are on vacation the traffic situation minimizes, reinforces our believe that, the recent reduction in traffic, is as a result of the closure of schools from the basic, secondary and the tertiary level.

When schools are in session, parents leave home early to drop their wards at school, as well as pick them up when they close in the late afternoon, this contributes significantly to the traffic congestion on our roads.

On the Madina to 37 to Accra road, which is now free, the only cause of traffic is the indiscipline of commercial drivers, known as trotro, who occupy two of the three lane road at bus stops, especially the one in front of the Gulf House.

\In November 2015, the government of Ghana, introduced the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Accra. The new transport system is to improve vehicular movement and reduce delays on some busy streets and, as it were, bring relief to motorists.

Almost four years, after BRT was introduced, how well have we done to increase the number of fleets and opening it’s up to cover other parts of the country.

This newspaper is of the firm believe that, the coronavirus, has provided us a unique opportunity not only in enhancing our manufacturing sector, but also looking at other sectors of the economy that are essential for the progress of the country.

We seriously need a transport master plan  in the country.


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