Strong policies needed in media houses to give women equal access as men – NMC


Executive Secretary of the National Media Commission, George Sarpong, has advocated that media houses must give women in media equal opportunities as their male counterparts.

According to him, despite the reality that men are usually in control, “better things happen” when women are involved in decision making.

Mr. George Sarpong was speaking at the maiden anniversary lecture of the Alliance for Women in Media (AWMA).

The theme centered on, “Balance in News Rooms; Balance in News Coverage: The Role of Media Organisations in Addressing Gender Disparities.”

Speaking as a panel at the forum, Sarpong cited examples of appointees in various media houses who are mostly males while arguing that selecting competent women needs no justification whatsoever as they are humans and capable of doing the job.

The NMC Executive Secretary said he learnt a significant lesson from the influx of male appointments in media indicating that, “When we talk about women’s representation it is just right and just that further enquires no further justification. Simple because all of us are human beings, it is important that all of us there.”

To this effect, he suggested that media owners must include some robust policies which will enable media women unveil their skills and competences.

Mr. Sarpong, however, noted that these policies should include a stern performance and accountability from media men, as well, to derive the best. In his view, “We cannot expect any special competencies from women when we don’t place that on men. If the men can risk and fail, the women should be allowed to risk and fail as well.”

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