Stratcom Launches Youth Development Programme


Stratcom Africa, a development communication company, has launched a youth development programme dubbed, “our story your story”, to help young people to defy the odds, to achieve laurels in business.

The programme was to commemorate the company’s twentieth anniversary celebration and to tell the humble beginnings and strives the company has achieved.
Speaking at the launch at Alisa Hotel in Accra, Ms Esther Cobbah, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) said, the company thought it wise to showcase entrepreneurs as part of measures of encouraging a spirit of enterprise in the country.

We know that many successful business people in Ghana, will like to keep a low profile and are often uncomfortable about public attention being drawn to their operations

She said, sadly one of the reasons for this attitude was the fear that they can become targets of the pull-him or her down attitude that is militating against the success of many Ghanaian entrepreneurs.

She said, it was the hope of the company to tell the story of enterprising entrepreneurs, for them to earn respect for their efforts and more people, especially younger generation to aspire to be like pacesetters of the companies in the country.

She was hopeful that the stories that would be told by the young entrepreneurs will enrich the entrepreneurship culture in the country.

According to her, experience the world over has taught that creativity and determination of entrepreneurs are critical for bringing about improvements to the livelihood of the whole society.

She said the programme is aimed at making the country the hub of entrepreneurs to achieve the middle income status the Government has been yearning for.

On his part, the chairman of the occasion Mr Frederick Alipui, the President of the Ghana Association of Industries (AGI) said the “Our Story, Your Story” Campaign offers a great platform to collectively share the “Made in Ghana “success stories to inspire a new generation of Ghanaian entrepreneurs on the world stage.

According to him, everyday people conceive ideas they wish they could make business out of, while there are others who have pursue it and started a business of their own.

He said there are problems and challenges that confront entrepreneurs when they want to start a business.

He mentioned some of the problems as financial and these have failed promising entrepreneurs.

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