Strange Death Hits The Army


It is now emerging that an officer of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), Colonel Daniel Kofi Ayisi, who suddenly died few months ago, may not have joined his Maker naturally, after all.

The Herald’s sources within the Forces, have hinted that there are doubts about the death with claims of massive financial irregularities in the office of the Defense’s Financial Controller (DFC).

While some officers believe, Col. Ayisi, died of high blood pressure, others suspect he might have committed suicide by poisoning himself after the financial irregularities were detected in his office.

Among the ordinary soldiers to the senior officers, there are claims that, he may have been ashamed of the acts, therefore, decided to take his life to escape from any future embarrassment, possible court-martial and imprisonment.

The deceased, died at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra and was buried in Larteh-Akuapem in the Eastern Region on May 2, 2015.

According to this paper’s sources, Col. Ayisi, was admitted at the Military Hospital following complaints about stomachache. Unfortunately, his condition deteriorated and he later gave up the ghost early this year.

His burial service at the Burma Camp’s Garrison Methodist-Presby Church, was attended by most Service Commanders and Senior Officers.

Before Col Ayisi’s demise, he had served as the Second-In-Command (2IC) at the Forces Pay Office and later promoted as Commanding Officer (CO).

Information making the rounds within the Ghana Armed Forces is that, the deceased soiled his hands with moneys at the Pay Office meant as retirement benefits of some soldiers after many years of diligent service both home and abroad.

The retired officers, are reported to have been short changed massively and he was instrumental in their predicament.

Among the claims, were inflation of numbers of these retirees and the amount due them. Though the Finance Ministry, is said to have paid these entitlements in full, the soldiers were not given the exact amounts they were entitled to as retiring officers. There were repeated cases of wrongful calculations, wrongful deductions and so on.

The news of the officers been cheated was reported in the media, but very little was done by military authorities.

A group of them, have already threatened and are on their way to the court to demand all that has unlawfully been taken from them by the Military.

Among the defendants are the Ministry of Defense, the Ghana Armed Forces, the Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) and others.

The financial irregularities, is said to be keeping some top brass of the Ghana Armed Forces at home, virtually deserting their posts.

The Herald, is closely monitoring the unfolding drama and would bring readers up to speed on the issue.

More to come!

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