Stop the Attacks On EC Chair-Concerned Clergy


By Gifty Arthur

The Concerned Clergy and Christians of Ghana (CCCG), has cautioned members of the public, especially prominent men of God, individuals and groups, from dragging the name of the Electoral Commission (EC), especially its chair, Charlotte Osei , into the mud.

The CCCG in a statement issued yesterday, expressed worry over the continual bashing of the Commission’s chairman and by extension, the EC, ahead of the November 7, 2016, which has the potential to derail the many successes chalked by the Commission.

The statement signed by its spokesperson, Rev. Dr. Augustus Anim, cited an admonition and claim by the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church, Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey, who is reported to have said the EC boss “talking too much” and another by Superintendent Minister of the Dzorwulu Circuit of the Methodist Church of Ghana, Rt. Rev Stephen Richard Bosomtwe-Ayensu, who claims Mrs. Osei is “Scheming to impose Mahama on Ghanaians”.

“The substance of these attacks, which the CCCG finds very absurd and worrying, are claims that the EC is supposedly showing bias, Chairperson is “talking too much” and “Scheming to impose President John Dramani Mahama on Ghanaians” in the upcoming general elections”.

The Men of God, saw these attacks on the former boss of National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE) as intentional aimed at discrediting her image and thereby prejudicing the results of the impending presidential and parliamentary elections.

The CCCG, viewed these utterances as a deliberate orchestration to simply discredit the hard-won credibility and reputations of the EC and thereafter, prejudice the outcome of the November polls”, the Concerned Clergy noted.

According to the Concerned Clergy, in as much as they acknowledge the important roles Men of God play as “development partners, which imposes a responsibility on us to continue to support nation-building efforts through prayers and ensuring the wellbeing of every citizen by promoting the economic growth, prosperity and peace of our people.

Having conducted six free, fair and transparent presidential and parliamentary elections, resulting in different parties taking political power, the Concerned Clergy believed, if the EC could not be pat at the back should not be “condemned” as some doing. “We, therefore, call on all well-meaning
Ghanaians who are attacking the EC and other state institutions, to stop”, they said.

They commended government on the various developmental project being embarked upon by the John Mahama-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration as read in the last State of the Nation Address (SONA).

In conclusion, the Men of God pledged their unflinching support and encouragement to which ever government devoid of biases and pettiness for the development of the country.

Over the past weeks, the EC and its Chair, have come under intensed criticism, following it decision to form a committee to support its work as it prepares to conduct the November polls. The opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), led by its pressure group,

“Let My Vote Count Alliance” led the charge and after many complaints, the EC, has assured the political parties to exercise restraints as it looks at the composition of the committee.

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