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–Sempe Kingmakers Fires AMA Boss

By Alfred K. Dogbey

Kingmakers of Sempe Stool, have sent a strong caution to the Accra Metropolitan Chief Executive, Alfred Oko Vanderpuye, to desist from interfering in the politics of stool and rather “direct” his attention to the developmental challenges in the city of Accra.

The Kingmakers said, “There is so much to do in the city of Accra and instead of directing his attention to those matters he [Oko Vanderpuye] finds time to enter into the politics of Stools”.

The statement was made at a press conference addressed by the Sempe Stool Registrar, Nii Anam Tetteh at the Sempe Mantse Palace, James Town – Accra, on Tuesday.

At a heavily packed gathering, the Kingmakers some of whom were fully dressed in red and black, as well as traditional war regalia, poured libation calling their ancestors to deal with the AMA boss.

The asked, “Does he know who the Elders of the Sempe Stool are? Or how they were inducted into office?” adding “AMA Boss come clean as to where he stands in Sempe Stool affairs”.

Mr. Vanderpuye was reported to have described the Kingmakers as “the so called Elders of Sempe” which angered the chiefs.

The Kingmakers, led by Nii Adotei Korle-Bu II, Head of Kpakpo Barima, Nii Ashalley Asuku, Head of Tetteh Kpeshie and Nii Ayi Doku III, Head of Saka Tsuru, described the AMA Boss’ comment as “unfortunate”.

“We are rational, broad ¬minded and fair-minded people concerned to ensure that democratic values are upheld and arbitrary measures are, on the contrary, also curbed”.

They went on “we neither disrespect nor relish unnecessary stand-offs with individuals and institutions who matter in society. Our simple wish is for Sempe to play a useful and positive part in Accra and also to ensure that the rights of Sempemei are equally protected by the State”.

The main purpose of the press conference was to particularly clarify certain issues regarding the Stool lands as well as an impending demolition of some houses and properties by the AMA at Akokofoto otherwise known as Poultry Farm at Dansoman, which the assembly claimed is a slum.

But the Kingmakers who warned the AMA of any demolition stated that, “the key point to note is that the Court was deceived that Akokofoto had become a rubbish heap and a slum”.

According to them, “Akokorfoto is in fact a first class residential area and even the A.M.A has admitted as much. We have already indicated that there is also an order of injunction restraining any interference with the lands at Akokofoto”.

Giving the details about the case, the Stool Registrar noted that, “The lands at Akokofoto were part and parcel of lands title to which was litigated extensively by the Alata, Akumajay and Sempe Stools between 1945 and 1990 when the Supreme Court made its final pronouncement declaring Akokofoto to be specifically vested in the Sempe Stool”.

Mr. Anam Tetteh said, “Since that judgement, the minor sub stool of Gbawe which belongs to the Kpakpatse We Quarter of the Asere division of the Ga Traditional Council mounted an action and succeeded in obtaining a questionable declaration from an Accra High Court that Akokofoto belongs to Gbawe, inspite of three previous decisions of the High Court, Appeal Court and the Supreme Court that the same lands belong to Sempe Stool”.

He said, “The issue is, between the judgement of the Supreme Court and that of the High Court it is readily obvious that the land belongs to Sempe”.

According to him, “Initially the kingmakers initiated an action against Gbawe and obtained an order of injunction against Gbawe and its agents.

Following that action, Gbawe in turn obtained an order of mandamus against the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (A.M.A) to demolish structures at Akokofoto without disclosing to the court that it was already litigating over the same land with Sempe”.

They maintained that, “Neither Sempe nor the numerous occupants of Akokofoto were involved or informed of this case” adding “The key point to note is that the Court was deceived that Akokofoto had become a rubbish heap and a slum. Both claims were wrong”.

The Kingmaker told the media “Our case is obvious in that if an order of mandamus can be obtained in that way against the private occupants of Akokofoto who were never given a hearing in Court, then no property in the city of Accra is safe”.

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