Stop The Insults And Innuendos Manly Spain, Ade-Coker Told


By Cecil Mensah

Mr Steven Akwetey, one of the aspiring Greater Accra Regional Chairmen of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), has told his colleague aspirants to stop casting innuendos and throwing mud at each other and direct their efforts at assisting the President, John Dramani Mahama to succeed.

According to him, no aspirant has been availed with any programme by the National Executive Committee (NEC) about the impending regional elections, “yet I hear my colleagues on daily basis casting innuendos about leadership of the party.

He said, per the Constitution of the party, the regional executives of the party still has the mandate to direct the affairs of the party until elections are held.

Mr Steven Akwetey and Manly Spain, are in the race to unseat the incumbent chairman, Mr Joseph Ade-Coker.

Mr Akwetey, gave this advice in the wake of the media war between Mr Manly Spain and the incumbent chairman Mr Joseph Ade-Coker, over who is qualified to lead the party for the 2016 elections in a press statement released and copied to The Herald .

He said, the recent development in the media was not healthy for the party as it is flouting the tenets of the Constitution of the party.

“If we are calling for unity within the rank and file of the party, then we must be seen to be promoting it by our deeds and actions and respect the status –quo.

I do not think that by what we are doing to ourselves we are promoting party cohesion and unity in the party”, he maintained
He reminded the two individuals to channel their efforts at alleviating the difficulties and challenges that the party members are going through, since this is the only way of getting the attention of members.

He called on his colleagues aspirants to change their ways, because members of the party are discerning.

“No matter how interested we are in becoming what we want, we must show a little bit of decorum in our public discourse, in order not to create disaffection that will lead to a divided front which will spell doom for the party come 2016.

Let us remain calm in our attempt to disregard the party’s Constitution and let our discourse be devoid of personalities”, he noted
According to the statement, 2016 is going to be war and every political field will be turned into a battle ground, and the members of the NDC, shall be motivated to work and win, if its leaders do not engage in such needless internal battles, but address their nagging needs.

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