State Institutions Are Weak –IDEG


A Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Democratic Governance, (IDEG), Kwesi Jonah has described Ghana’s state institutions as weak and ineffective.

According to him, the politicization of these institutions has prevented them from being effective.

Speaking at a forum on the theme “National Interest Institutions and how to strengthen them” Mr. Jonah said “our national institutions have become so weak, so unprofessional, so ineffective that they are not able to deal with us professionally and partially.”

The Political Science Lecturer also bemoaned the recruitment of individuals into these national institutions based on their political affiliations.

“Our institutions have become so unprofessional, so ineffective. Today, they are not able to perform the way we want them to perform.The Police politicized, civil service, politicized, they are recruiting party people into the Service therefore the kind of professionalism, the kind of efficiency, the kind of effectiveness that characterized public service institutions in the past is no longer there.”

He therefore advised various institutions in the country to stop allowing political interference in their dealings.

“We want institutions that will treat us without any political considerations, without any regard whatsoever for the ethnic groups we come from, without any part it up. “

This is not the first time, a major stakeholder in the country has criticized the country’s state institutions.

State institutions such as the National Service Secretariat has come under intense criticisms after investigations revealed that GH¢7.9 million was paid to 22,612 non-existent national service persons in more than 100 districts in July 2014.

Former Attorney General, Papa Owusu Ankomah, in that regard, charged government to investigate all state institutions to unravel other fraudulent deals.

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