State Housing Company Rots Away!


….As Company Still Uses Stone- Age Type Writers

At the time most workers are worried about the disturbing revelations that Ghana, has over one million housing deficit, leading to some landlords taking undue advantage of the rent situation, State Housing Company (SHS), the company responsible for providing affordable housing is rotting away

SHC, one of the government institutions tasked with providing affordable housing for workers, is collapsing under the watchful eyes of the Minister for Water Resources, Works and Housing at the time many expects the agency to be driving the housing sub-sector of the economy.

The state-owned company, which was at the forefront of delivering affordable houses in the early sixties and seventies, and supervised the construction of the following estates in the Greater Accra region: Dansoman, Chorkor,Odorkor, Kaneshie, Awodume is grinding to a halt due to mismanagement.

The Herald, has learnt that members of staff, who openly complain about the sorry state of the company, are transfer without any explanation whatsoever.

A situation this paper learnt, has culminated in some simmering tension among the workers both in the regions and at the national head office in Accra, hence the flying of red flags at the main entrance of the company.

According to this paper’s information, coupled with some pictorial evidence from the Brong Ahafo region, indicate that the regional office of the SHC, in Sunyani near Tonsuom, not far from the Sunyani Polytechnic is rotting away, because of the lack of the maintenance.

The Herald, is reliably informed that the zonal office for the past decade, has not seen any painting, leading to a foul stench coming out of the premises.

The office, The Herald is informed was manned by two staff, who idle about and draw their salaries at the end of every month.

The Herald sources say the office is virtually dormant, as the stone- age type writers, used for typing minutes, have all broken down, together with the official vehicles allocated to the office.

The office has turned into a death trap, with some of its roofing sheets hanging over the head of the staff, in spite of the several attempts to have the managers in Accra correct the situation.

The managers, have refused to allocate funds for the refurbishment of the structure put up several decades ago by Ghana’s first President, Dr Kwame Nkrumah.

Eye witnesses claim that the building leaks badly at the least down-pour, and any time it rains, the staff are compelled to close for the day.

The office uses a type writer, which is about two decades old at the time most public institutions rendering services are making use of Information Communications Technology (ICT) to boost delivery.

The eye witnesses told this paper that, clients who visit the office on daily basis are greeted with the foul stench from the drenched pile of papers on the shelves, as well as stench from the spirogyras that have engulfed the drainages around the office.

The paints on the walls of the office, have been taken over by fungi, thereby making the oil pant to peel off.

The compound is, however, unkempt and is littered with broken down vehicles.

More to come from the collapsing dairy of SHC

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