State Attorneys Must Up Their Game !


The Association of State Attorneys at the Attorney- General’s Department on Saturday issued a statement, chastising anybody who dared criticized them for putting up a bad show at the trial of embattled businessman, Alfred Agbesi Woyome.

The public outcry was as a result of the comments made by the Judge, when he said to the effect that the State Prosecutors showed disinterest in the case right from the word go.

Ghanaians have the right to be angry and express frustration at the attitudes of state attorneys, when it comes to issues that has to do with politicians. Woyome’s is not the first of such cases, there was that of former Chief of Staff, Kwadwo Mpianim and Dr. Wereko Brobbey and the Ghana at 50 probe.

The courts freed Asamoah Boateng, Mr Osei Agyei etc, the list is endless. Over time we (Ghanaians) have lost confidence in their ability to get justice for the state, especially when it comes to high profile cases.

Two weeks ago, when the Supreme Court unanimously declared that the Electoral Commission (EC), has violated the Constitution Instrument in organizing the District Level election, Ghanaians took the EC to the cleaners, even to the extent of asking for the removal of the Electoral Commissioner, Dr. kwadwo Afari Gyan.
The concern is that the country has lost so much money and yet the election could not come on.

The Woyome case is not in isolation, already the Judge presiding over the Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Agency (GYEEDA), has severally complained about the way the State Prosecutors handling that case are discharging it. Their absence from court and their inability to present witnesses is a cause for concern for the Judge.

If care is not taken, the people involved and have been arraigned before court could walk free. Not that they are not guilty as charged but would be given freedom because the State atterney failed to effectively pursue the case.

How is Woyome expected to celebrate his victory, if in the minds of Ghanaians they think he was let off the hook? Their performance was shambolic and abysmal and the same way we criticized the EC for wasting our money, we equally deserve the right to criticize them.

Perhaps the criticism will get them to sit up and put up a spirited and purposeful performance next time.

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