The Standoff Between AMA And Taxi Drivers Must Stop


Our elders have a saying that if you have a cloth tied around your waist, you don’t engage in a nasty play. The Mayor of Accra Metrolopolitan Assembly (AMA), Alfred Nii Okoe Vanderpuiye, after the Madam Theodora Okoh and the Hockey Stadium re-naming debacle had become unpopular again.

This was largely as a result of miscommunication, as Ghanaians did not understand the rationale behind the name change from Theodora Okoh Hockey stadium to Atta Mills Hockey Stadium.

The AMA is in the news for the wrong reasons again. The only constant thing in life is change, yet change is something that is difficult to accept, especially when people are used to a certain status quo.

The AMA cannot continue to antagonize the people they are supposed to serve and who pay taxes or tolls to them, simply because they failed to communicate effectively to them.

The behavior of the AMA is a reflection of the general behavior of the government when it comes to handling and disseminating information.
The new arrangement the AMA is trying to introduce or enforce, that is if it is in their bi-laws, could be a noble one, but the manner in which
it is introduce or implemented is what is causing the public uproar.

We have always placed all our problems at the doorstep of the President, even though he has appointed people to help him to steer the affairs of the nation.

The news out there is not a palatable one, people are complaining of economic hardships, coupled with the recent increase in utility tariffs, the government does not need this standoff between the AMA and taxi drivers at this time.

We do not think the AMA just woke up one day and decided to implement this policy, they must have held several stakeholder meetings before this time, but how many people, especially the taxi drivers were aware of this?

The AMA must not wait until things get out of hand before they rush to the media to try and control the damage when they could have been done earlier.

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