Spintex Road Needs Street Light

Every street in the city needs to be lit at night. Street lights are as important as the quality of a road in the prevention of accidents.

Most accident in Ghana occurs at night when the streets are dark; it impedes smooth movement of vehicles, making it next to impossible for a driver, who can’t see far from getting ahead.

Spintex road is one of the busy roads in Ghana, because of the number of people, who live along it, as well as, the communities it leads to.

Driving on it at night is an experience no one, wants to have. The road has so many entry and exit points, because of the many estates located on it. It was until sometime around 2009 or 2010 that, traffic lights were placed on the road.

The traffic lights, have helped to reduce the traffic on the road, which used to be unbearable. Not to denigrate or look down on some areas, but Spintex, could be counted as one of the few areas in this country, where the people who live along it pay their taxes.

It is completely unpardonable to imagine that, an important road as the Spintex road is dark at night. The situation is not different at other areas, across the city.

We claim to be a middle-income country, but common things as street lights are not available at most of our areas, this is despite the fact that, we pay for street lights every month, when we receive our electricity bills.

Ghanaians, have done a lot for the country, they have paid for non-existing services for years, without complaining, it is about time, the country, does something for them.

Our leaders, must begin to fix the small things that are essential for our survival and safety. We pay taxes, so that, the basic things that will ensure that, when we leave home for work and we are returning, we do not drive to our death or be attack by armed robbers, who lurk in the dark.

We have created so many analogous, with conflicting roles, we have employed people, we pay every month, yet we do not see what they do.

Lighting our streets is not rocket science, it is time tax payers, see their money put to use to benefit them.


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