Speaker Frowns On Placards Display On The Floor Of Parliament


By Rashidatu Brahim
Speaker of Parliament, Edward Doe Adjaho, has asked Members of Parliament (MPs) to refrain from acts that denigrate their colleagues on the Floor of the House.
“It is un-parliamentary for MPs to display placards in the House, accusing each other of acts of alleged wrongdoings,” even though they have the right to express their views, without any fear or favour, as enshrined in Article 115 of the Constitution, and the Standing Orders of the House.
“I would urge Honourable Members to in the future, desist from showing placards in the House and calling out partisan accolades,” he added.
He said, this during his opening address of the 2014 Post Budget Workshop for MPs last Sunday, in Accra.
He also reminded Members of their status as role models and leaders in the society, and therefore urged them to behave as such.
The two-day workshop was aimed at improving the capacity of MPs, deepening their understanding of issues regarding the 2014 Budget, and to prepare them to effectively analysis and debates before its approval.
The Speaker in his address, also expressed concern about Parliament’s challenge with respect to professional economists to aid in effective scrutiny of the budget and other policy measures.
“Our Parliament is certainly not equipped adequately to independently assess budgetary data, and lacks the backup and support of professional economists and budget researchers which are readily available to the executive.
“This makes effective scrutiny of the budget and other policy measures a daunting task.”
In his bid to address this institutional deficit, he indicated that the Speaker’s Office is liaising with the United Kingdom House of Commons to establish an office of scrutiny, which will engage in providing services for the conduct of independent expert analysis of policy measures, and scrutiny of international loan agreements that are brought before the House.

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