Soli Is To Journalist, As Lorso Is To Bankers


Every profession has a jargon for it, journalists call it ‘Soli’, bankers call theirs ‘Lorso’, those who work in the restaurants and pubs as waiters and waitresses, hotel attendants etc call it ‘tips’, politicians call it ‘gratuity’. We can go on and on, but of what use will it be if what comes to journalists, is consider a bribe.

Journalism is one of the most difficult jobs to do in this country, the take home pay of most journalists is nothing good to write home about, yet they brace the storm to make sure that their viewers, readers and listeners are served the best of news and entertained.

We all visit restaurants and pubs, we have all at one point or other given tips for services we receive, we do not frown upon it, because we feel that we have received a service beyond our expectation or often, it is like an obligation.

Most of us transact business in the bank; we might have been compelled to give out money to the cashier, a bank manager, personal banker etc for a service they rendered. We feel happy and proud doing that, but when it comes to the journalist, it is a bribe, to induce him or her.

Not too long ago, they was a report that in the United Kingdom (UK), over 2000 journalists are on the pay roll of MI6, we are wondering, how the British High Commissioner to Ghana, will describe this.

It is acceptable for them (Foreigners), to wade into our affairs, because it is only then that we think the issue is worth considering. The issue of ‘Soli’, was purely a Ghanaian issue, who invited him into, a diplomat for that matter.

The reason journalists are seen as being compromised with Soli, is because most media houses in this country are very small and can barely meet operational cost, but under those extraneous circumstances, we have performed our work diligently.

We deserve praise and not condemnation. So before anybody throws stones at us, he should examine himself or herself first.

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