So What If Madam Akua Donkor Is Smart


We all want all the good things in life, we all want to drive the best of cars, eat at fancy restaurants, sleep in the best hotels, live in plush mansions etc.

The question that has put all of us to work is, how do I achieve all of these?

Some want it the easy way, so they resort to all kinds of criminal activities, including armed robbery, thievery, simbox fraud, scam, 419 and the latest ‘Sakawa’ which I understand, has graduated to going for blood money.

Those who want it the hard way, will put their God-given talents to good use, a use that will advance the course of humanity.

They either go to school and acquire a qualification or learn a trade that, will give them an assurance of a secured future to be able to provide for themselves and their families.

Madam Akua Donkor, is an illiterate, she does not have any letters after her name, she is not as privileged as someone of us are, yet she has managed to write her name among the lettered, as far as the political history of this country is concerned. Is she ignorant for not attending school, I will say No.

The vote of a professor and an illiterate is the same, yet when it comes to sharing the spoils of power, we think the illiterate, does not have the same right as the educated.

When she first announced her decision to throw her hat into the bloody game of politics, We all laughed at her, we made jokes at her audacity to even consider running against the very best, and she was a comic relief at best.

After the demise of Dan Lartey, most of us felt she had come to fill the vacuum created by his passing, but no, wait a minute, she was smarter than we all credited her for.

When Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom, of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), saw her potential and decided to court her attention, we still could not see beyond her faults, which is that, she is a stark illiterate.

Dr. Nduom himself misjudged her, when he sought to take advantage of her, she came up tops and he was rather chastised for taking advantage of an innocent woman.

He still doesn’t seem to have learnt his lesson, but I will also credit him for one thing, he saw the potential in her.

In arriving at the decision to start advocating for President John Dramani Mahama, I am sure she asked herself; what good will come out of her joining an opposition party, when the gravy train is already milling towards her.

Madam Akua Donkor, is far better a mentor to most of our young women than, those we think have pedigree, because they are educated.

To become a great politician or statesman, you have to use your talents, skills, experiences, honesty, integrity, challenges and constraints with the positive effect that one can have in touching other human lives.

She has optimized her talent, skills and abilities to get what she wants, without picking a gun or shedding blood, so I ask, what is her crime?

We use them [illiterates] to get to positions and forget them afterwards. What is good for the goose is equally good for the gander. If the educated can have all that, they want, the uneducated must also have a seat at the dining table.

Nobody was created to be subservient to another; education is not a measure of success, although I will agree that, it is the foundation of success.

A lot of successful people in life did not have the best of education, but yet they used their circumstances to create opportunities that are shaping the world today.

Madam Akua Donkor, is envied by many, not because she is getting goodies from the government, but because she is an illiterate. How many people have the government bought cars for, the list is endless.

Our chiefs, have been given cars, since I was a baby, it still persist even today, yet no one has had the gut to question why successive governments, have used state money to buy cars for them?

I admire Madam Akua Donkor’s courage, her sense of propriety, her sense of timing and her love for this country.

We can disagree with her methods, but only a few women her age and qualification, will dare enter a game that is seen largely as the game for men.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP), a political party which has lost focus and doesn’t know what time it is, rather want to make an issue out of Madam Akua Donkor’s fortune.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC), have always been a party of the downtrodden, the destitute, the rejected stones, the uneducated, it is a family that accommodates all, and so it was with all this in mind that, Akua Donkor, chose to speak for the party and it presidential candidate.

Fortune smiled at her, her life-long dream and wish has been granted, instead of rejoicing with her and joining her to thank the almighty for how far he has brought her, we are here questioning the might of God.

Sometime, last year, the President included her in his entourage when he visited Italy, again, the book longs, criticized the government and chastised her for accepting to be part of the trip.

We are trying to create a society where Monkey dey work Baboon dey chop. The uneducated also deserve their fair share of the national cake.

We have a lot of educated illiterates around, who think they own everybody and everything, the right to be take part in the sharing of our national heritage is not a birthright for some people.

If the president, had decided to give her a ministry to head, then we can question her competence and capacity, but these gifts, which are material things and we want to make issues out of them, I am sorry the pettiness is getting too far.

I have also read a post by Lawyer Ace Ankomah, who as far as I can tell is in control of his mind, when he cast aspersions at the President and Akua Donkor, because she has been given a car and a house. Ace, is above this cheap and propaganda ridden utterances. He must rather as he defended the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission in the Kennedy Agyapong, sex for job jibe , do same for Madam Akua Donkor, who has not stolen anything, but rather benefited from the generosity of the President.

Success comes with the acknowledgement and appreciation of one’s innate abilities, and the subsequent exploration of one’s immediate environment to identify potentials and challenges that match such abilities and that is exactly what Akua Donkor, has done.

Anybody or group of persons, who have issues with that, can go and burn the sea.

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