Smaller Parties Shun NPP At IPAC Meetings


Rusty Mac Manu Cries On Radio

After failing to woo the smaller political parties to join the continuous bashing of the Electoral Commission (EC) ahead of the November 7 polls, the campaign manager of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), has angrily charged that the effectiveness of the Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) was being seriously undermined in recent times.

Peter Mac Manu, accused the EC of inviting officials of moribund political parties to IPAC meetings, who do nothing but counter arguments advanced by the NPP.

The two major political parties, have always courted the support of the smaller parties in every election to get the right number of votes for the presidency.

Indeed, there has in the past been the Great Alliance and Progressive Alliance led by the NPP and the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC).
The jostling for the attention of the smaller parties, is even more manifested during presidential runoffs.

But, Mr. Mac Manu, whose chairmanship took the NPP into opposition in 2008, said even though there was abundant evidence that many political parties have not complied with the legal requirements of the EC itself to qualify to be recognised as such, the EC continues to invite these parties to IPAC meetings.

Mr. Manu, disclosed this on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, whilst reacting to the 10-days Limited Voter Registration exercise organized by the EC to give an opportunity to persons, who have turned 18 years and above to register.

Many are not surprised at the continuous lamentations of Mr. Mac Manu. Ahead of his appointment as the NPP Campaign Manager, it was reported that he could not prosecute and win the 2016 election for his party, having failed in 2008 and voluntarily stepped down as NPP National chairman. He is said to be a poor team player.

The 10-days Limited Voter Registration exercise, which spanned from April 28 – May 08, has generated a lot of heated debate in the country, especially with the major political parties, the governing NDC and the opposition NPP being on each others’ throat over issues, such as the registration of minors.

There was also the allegation of intentional disenfranchisement of University of Ghana students leveled against the Commission by some political party leaders for siting only one registration centre on the campus.

Touching on the issue, Mr. Many expressed his misgivings in the conduct of the EC as far as the exercise was concerned.

“I was on the Legon campus to observe for myself and a lot of the students though writing their exams were in a queue to register”, he said adding it was unfortunate the students were not allowed to register.

The university, he noted is the only place in this country where people within the age bracket of between 18 – 24 are congregated,” and the EC should have had the foresight to plan well for these schools.

Describing the dissatisfaction of the NPP, Mr. Manu said “My party is very much peeved about the way young men and women were not able to register.”

He said it was heartbreaking that Ghana does not have a national identification card after Kufuor-led-NPP administration invested so much effort into setting the National Identification Authority up and helping it with logistics.

He explained seven regions in the country were ready for the card, but the NDC has left everything in tatters. The national ID card, would have solved the problem of registering voter and eliminate the problem of minors and foreigners getting into the register.

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