Sleep Well Ras Liberty Amewode, Till We Meet Again!


My heart is heavy, my eyes filled with tears, when the sad news of the passing of a friend, brother and former Editor of the Herald, Ras Liberty Amewode, passed sadly on Sunday morning in Denu in the Volta Region.

I have written many eulogies, including people I have known only from far, but this is sadly one of the moments, I have to write about the passing into eternal glory of a friend and brother, whose death, has hit me hardest.

I remember the many days and nights we spent together in the office, the many jokes we shared, the many escapades and rendezvous we engaged in, the many good times that helped to nature a friendship that grew to be what it became, the man will always take a moment out of all his problems and strives in life, to encourage and assure you that everything will be okay.

Many people have contributed in so many ways to making me who I am today, but my career in the media started under the tutelage of Mr. Liberty.
I joined The Herald as a Marketing Manager, little did I know that I had a life and career in journalism, I doubted my own ability to write, it was Ras who encouraged and natured me to take over from him, when he left us to pursue other endeavor.

He was a friend you can always rely on; he is always ready to share what he had, although he had his own challenges as a family man that did not deter him from sharing.

He is a man of few words, but the few words he says to you are enough to lift a dying spirit. The last time he visited us, we had a discussion about why despite what we went through together, criticizing politicians and public figures, he seemed to have also joined in the fray and forgotten about our complaints, typical of Ras, he kept assuring me to give him time to find his feet and that when he is finally settled, he hopes to make sure that our outfit also benefits from whatever the Ministry of Energy has to offer the media.

Life can be a bitch sometimes, this was a young man, who have been through the unhealthy Jaws of Life to get to where he was until his demise, without mincing words, the gentleman has suffered a lot, he is someone you can describe as an all round person, he is a trained Laboratory Technician, he was in the University of Ghana (UG), where he read Psychology, before proceeding to the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), for a Diploma in Journalism. After school getting a job that could provide the basic needs of life for his small family was difficult, he will often complain to me and share his frustration at home.

God answered his prayers, when the opportunity at the Ministry of Energy came his way, he went there did the written test, passed with flying colours, was called for interview and finally got the approval to work on contract on the promotion of oil and gas project, which is under the umbrella of the World bank.

The Minister of Energy found him useful, resourceful, energetic etc, and so made him his personal assistant, as well as a Deputy to the Communication Director of the Ministry, just as things began to look better and the prospects were great the icy hands of death caught him.

This is a pathetic accident that cannot be explained or rationalize, a budding and promising life falling in the prime of his time, when older men who have seen the many sides of life are still living, we cannot question the ways of our creator, who has shown over time that good men die early.

As mortals, when we lose a love-one, we will cry, we will mourn, we will curse, but at the end of the day, we will still give glory to the maker for his bountiful mercies.

When the hour will come no one knows, we only gnash our teeth because in our minds we pray for long life, and so it comes as a shock, when we will have to live with the departing of a beloved.

Ras has served his purpose on earth, he touched as many people with his infectious smile and loving personality, many will miss him, I and The Herald team will miss him, but most importantly his family will miss him more.

His wife and two kids have lost a bread winner, a father and a husband, their lives will never be the same, the tributes and well-wishes, will pour in, promises will be made, when he is finally laid to rest many of us, will soon forget him and the promises. It is my and prayer hope that all the promises that will be made to the family will be fulfill, that is the passing gift we can give our brother, friend and colleague.

May God grant you eternal Rest, my brother, my friend, Ras Liberty Amewode, till we meet again, I know you are resting in the bosom of the Lord.

Your struggles are finally over.

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