Sir John Should Spare Us His Loose Talks


For some time now, the emphasis of our editorial has been on social and economic issues, rather than politics, but sometimes, some politicians simply do not allow us space to talk about national issues that affect millions of Ghanaians, that they so desperately wish to govern.

Wise men, it is said speak, because they have something to say, how many times has the former General secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, aka Sir John, not foul the air with his ignorance, we have lost count; in fact anytime he opens his mouth, he makes mockery of common sense and his profession as a lawyer.

How can someone of his standing in society, a lawyer who understands the provision in the 1992 Constitution, which prescribe how the Chairman of the Electoral Commission (EC) is appointed, ask the President to come out and explain the appointment?

Even before the woman assumes the office, they have started throwing mud at her. This country is for all of us, we all have equal stake in it and we all wish the country well. It does not lie in the mouth of people like Sir John, to determine for us, who is fit to occupy which position.

Being a head of an institution does not mean, you get to do whatever you like, decisions are collectively taken after broader consultation. If we all have anything good to add to deepening our democracy, we can tailor our concerns to the Commission for it to act on it.

We have been spared his loose talks, when delegates of his party voted him out, it was a relief to many well-meaning Ghanaians, the joke, when serious national issues are being discussed are now a thing of the past now, we do not need him to take us back there again.

Sir John, need to appreciate his place in the society, some people take what he says seriously and so his comments must be decorous and within the confines of the law.

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