Single Spine Salary Won’t Be Scrapped


….Prez. Mahama Assures Workers

“Opting out of, or cancelling the Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS) is not an option”, President John Mahama has said at a forum to deliberate on the pay policy which has been the cause of numerous labour agitations in the country.

Many have said that government is given so much by way of lucrative salaries and other packages under the Single Spine salary scheme, but low productivity from the workers have led to the meat reduced to only bones, and that very soon state would not be able to pay salaries.

The two-day forum which ends in the Volta Regional capital, Ho, today is deliberating on the implementation and sustainability of the Single Spine Salary Policy (SSSP). The forum is organised by the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations.

It is on the theme “Building National Consensus for sustainability of the Single Spine Salary Policy”.

It is providing a platform for a dispassionate discussion on the social benefits and challenges arising out of the implementation of the pay policy.

Deliberations at the forum are expected to help arrive at a consensus on the way forward regarding the implementation of the policy.

Opening the forum on yesterday, President Mahama said it would be imprudent and ill-advised to cancel the single spine salary structure which has been implemented for the past few years.

President Mahama revealed that he has ordered the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice to begin prosecuting all persons indicted for financial misappropriation by the Auditor-General.

He said, immediate action would be taken by the A-G’s department to bring to justice persons cited by the Auditor-General for causing financial loss to the state.

He said, the directive formed part of the government’s measures “to block leakages and theft of government revenues.”

According to him, the government was “taking desperate measures to increase revenues in order to balance the budget” and it is important that all loopholes through which revenues leak are sealed.

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