Sinapi Aba Trust, Now Sinapi Aba Savings And Loans


Story by: Emmanuel Amoquandoh (Agona Swedru)

A Non-Governmental financial Institution in Agona Swedru, Sinapi Aba Trust, has changed its operations from a loan giving organization to a micro financial organization

The change in operation, has necessitated the organization’s name change to Sinapi Aba Savings and loans.
The change of name as explained by the Chief Programmes Officer (National), Madam Joyce Owusu-Dabo, is that they now have the license from Bank
of Ghana (BOG) to operate as a savings and Loans organization.

She said, for their thirteen (13) years of existence in Agona Swedru, they had operated solely as a lending institution, but they now have the opportunity to mobilize deposit from the public and also give out loans to the public.

She said, the license from the BOG has provided them with a new dawn of power to provide an all-inclusive financial service to their target group which are; the micro, small and medium entrepreneurs. She further said that people can now save with them and at the same time obtain loans from them to do their businesses.

Madam Joyce Owusu-Dabo, added that they are going to undertake a lot of operational campaigns and media sensitization to create awareness to their clients and the general public to do business with them.

She said, the reason for which they have operated in Agona Swedru for 13 years and would continue to do business with the people of Agona Swedru and its environs is that the location is an ideal place where they are able to identify their target group who are the lower income earners.

She again said that they have 48 Trust Organizations nationwide and they are changing all of them into Savings and Loans organizations in a gradual process.

She added that the Sinapi Aba Trust in Agona Swedru is the fifth in line to change to Sinapi Aba Savings and Loans.
She entreated clients both new and old to do business with them as they are promising an unparalleled treatment.

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