Simon Osei Mensah Must Be Sacked

The Ashanti regional minister, Simon Osei Mensah, who is notorious for loose talk, has done it again, this time around, telling traders, to go and sell cocaine, if the country is hard.

Unemployment is national security threat in this country, many Ghanaians, are putting their talent and energy to use by engaging in one form of trade or another.

The economic situation in this country is already biting them hard, you do not add salt to injury by telling them to go and sell drugs.

As a public office holder, no amount of provocation should necessitate this unguarded statement.

His weak defence is indiscipline, which he attributed to, saying the traders, have refused to leave the pavements and streets to designated markets.

What happened to dialogue and diplomacy, as a leader, he was expected to know his people, and know that, Ghanaians are averse to change.

We cannot as tax payers, make life comfortable for him and his family and when he has eaten full off our sweats would turn around to insult us.

This is not the first time he is behaving like a foot-soldier; he is a rubble rouser, who does not deserve to head a region.

The president, whose axe has fallen on people who have either said less or done less, must show that, he is not selective and show Samuel Osei Mensah the exit.

A deputy Agric minister, was dismissed when he made an unguarded statement, that statement is not different from the one said by Simon Osei Mensah.

Leaders are elected or appointed to serve not to lord over their subject, the moment they forget why they are, they lose the moral right to be there.

Simon Osei Mensah, has lost the right to be the Ashanti regional minister, if he has any principle in him, he would resign, before the president does.

He is also becoming a nuisance that must be uprooted.


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