Shortage Of Maize Killing Poultry Business- Neta Ceo


From: James Sheriffdeen, Kumasi

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NETA Farms at Ejisu – Krapa in the Ashanti Region, Mr Thomas Adom, has stated that the recent shortage of maize in the country, has compelled poultry farmers to fry fresh maize to feed their birds.

This situation, he noted, was as a result of the importation of maize from neighbouring countries and therefore called on the Ministry of Agriculture to constitute pragmatic measures to arrest the situation.

Speaking to this paper in Kumasi on Thursday, Mr Adom Said, he blame the past and present government for not implementing good policies towards revamping the poultry industry, which has reduced production drastically due to lack of enough feed for birds.

According to him, farming is a business from which they are not asking the government  to give the farmers a start-up capital, but policies that will transform the industry where importation of maize feed and frozen chicken can be regulated.

He told this paper that, the farmers association members call to dialogue with government to consider the falling standard of the industry to facilitate its sustainability, has yielded no results.

“The biggest challenge confronting Ghana’s agricultural sector is the infiltration of politics where politicians determined the future of the sector instead of industry players” , he pointed out; and stressed fearfully that, the future of poultry farmers looks so gloomy and need immediate intervention by government to revamp the sector.

Mr Adom, was quick to aver that, the over 4,000 poultry farmers in the country, will soon put down their tools as a result of high cost of production, if proper policies are not implemented.

He revealed that, many countries, including Nigeria have abolished the importation of frozen chicken and the entire country depends on local produce  and this has boost their poultry industry and so therefore expect Ghana to do same to streamline the nation’s poultry production.

While calling on the government to recruit its foot soldiers into farming to produce food stuff like maize, plantain, soya beans, as well as cocoa, cashew, coffee etc; he also called on tNana Akufo Addo, through the ministry Agriculture, to consider the contribution of poultry farmers to the national economy and constitute a resilient policy approach to boost local production.


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