Shatta Wale Replies Sarkodie


Self proclaimed dancehall king Shatta Wale became the object of social media ridicule Wednesday after Sarkodie for the first time ever went in pretty hard on him without holding back, Shatta style.

Shatta Wale is the one person in the industry we know doesn’t care about what he has to say to hurt others and in ‘My Advice‘, Sarkodie put on his Shatta Wale cloak for four minutes and completely dressed Wale down.

Wale has been trolled heavily since the release of the single but in his own words he doesn’t give a sh** about what Sark said and he’s only concentrated on this Saturday’s Reign album launch.
He posted on Facebook;

“I just walk my talk that’s all I do with my Shatta movement fans that’s why they call us sakawa boy but hey SM just don’t give a sh** .. “Dropping a song on the 13th .. Guess which song. “Oh shatta wale u kno this job too much. Ade give myself fans kwraaa  wale  wale  wale 

Shatta 1

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