Shai-Osudoku Scores 0% In Project Benefits


…28, 825.83cedis Unaccounted For

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The Shai-Osudoku district assembly in the Greater Accra has scored 0% rating in project benefits to the people. This report was made available to the people at the Dodowa Mount Zion Presbyterian Church. The program dubbed” Ghana’s strengthening accountability mechanisms (GSAM) project, Agenda scorecard dissemination for 50 GAS district. According to the report that was made available, the district paid an amount of 25,825.83Ghana cedis to one Enterprise called Pabiada but failed to produce the payment Voucher. The project was organized by Care international. The district total score performance was 48%.

The Shai-Osudoku district assembly was one of the 50 district Assemblies that the Ghana Audit Service(GAS) conducted performance audits(based on two capital projects) to determine how they plan and implement capital development such as health facilities, classroom blocks, water facilities, markets, etc. this form part of the Ghana’s strengthening Accountability Mechanism(GSAM) project, which seeks to strengthen citizens’ oversight of capital development projects to increase local government accountability, transparency and improved performance.

Ineffective use of public funds by District Assemblies
According to GSAM, district assemblies spend over 70% of their funds on capital projects and a lot of these projects are not adequately planned and implemented, resulting in ineffective use of public funds resulting in citizens impoverished hence it is the mandate of the citizens to help to ensure their assemblies to do better.

On assessment, the district scored 100% in initiation project, 50% in procurement and contracting, 42% in execution and 0% in project benefits. The 0% projects mean that the project which was undertaken by the district did not benefit the community members or has become a white elephant. The two projects the district assembly embarked on that was used for this assessment were the six (6) unit classroom block and ancillary facilities at Tokpo and story school block at Dodowa ICCESS.

Aim of Project

The Ghana’s strengthening Accountability Mechanisms (GSAM) is a five year governance project seeking to “strengthen citizen’s oversight of capital development projects to improve local governance transparency, accountability and performance
Care international in Ghana, IBIS in Ghana and Integrated Social Development Center (ISODEC), who form the GSAM consortium, are working together with the Ghana Audit Service (GAS), civil society organizations (CSOs) and other local and national level stakeholders to implement the project in 100 districts from 2014 to 2019. The project is funded by the United States Agency For International Development (USAID) to the tune of US$9.3million.

Expected Outcome
The objective of the project was to increase the availability of accessible information on MMDAs’ capital development project performance in 100 districts, strengthen CSO and citizens’ capacity to monitor MMDAs’ capital development projects in 50 districts and also to increase the use of citizen-generated information on MMDA capital projects in 50 districts. GSAM is being implemented in 100 districts across the 10 regions of Ghana, divided into two components: Social Accountability Districts (50) and Audit Districts (50).

The project is expected to contribute significantly towards improving the standards of living for citizens in the 100 project districts by promoting efficient public spending, a reduction in corruption and an improvement in service delivery. The project would also contribute to building stronger civil society organizations, making citizens better-informed and empowered to participate effectively in local development and making local government authorities and service providers more accountable and responsive.

The GAS district performance Audit overall ranking went to Asante Akyem South in the Ashanti region with a total score of about 80%, followed by Atwima Nwabiagya with a total score of 68%, Upper Manya Krobo had almost 60% and Asuogyaman was last with lowest score of 23%

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