Shai-Osudoku: From Poorest District To Worst Traditionally & Politically Governed


By Raphael Nyarkotey Obu: PhD(A.M)

I have decided to fold my arms and not to say anything concerning Shai-Osudoku, the land of my birth and I know most people are doing the same because of how the NDC in the constituency went about with their primaries. But day in and out we are going through crisis and our people are suffering, so who do you expect to speak on their behalf; it’s me and you as bad politicians are elected by the good people who refused to vote or say anything.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing you will be successful. Do we love what we are doing in Shai-Osudoku? Are we happy with the turn of events in the constituency? Is our outgoing MP happy with his achievements so far after his term of office ends? What about the District chief executive and our Opinion leaders? What about you as an employee in the district assembly? What about our men of God?

Anyway, Shai -Osudoku is not poor; it has more than enough resources for all its indigenes. Our poverty is in our minds, and we need to free ourselves of the poverty that holds us back. We are the generation that must transform Shai-Osudoku from what it is now to what it must be. We must createsustainably successful Shai-Osudoku. People must happily give their lives to provide knowledge and skills to join the quest towards a stronger, successful, well-educated and richly diverse constituency.

It’s very pathetic to believe that Shai –Osudoku is in the greater Accra region positioned to be the regional capital of Greater -Accra. It very pathetic… I really don’t understand what is going or happening in the constituency. From being the poorest in the Greater Accra region to being the worst politically governed. For some time now and after careful examination of events, I realize that, the Shai-Osudoku problem is simply greed, positioning, personal interest are always at the fore front of everything, bad leadership from both side, being political leadership and chieftaincy, fear amongst the youth to arise for change and fight for what rightfully belongs to them, lack of access to the media to champion their voice, mental slavery resulting from superstition. if we wake up to demand accountability from our leaders, Some iron bars in the constituency preventing good things from coming to the constituency, ample ambivalence that is shrouding ,Lack of support to the youth when they start projects, yet some leaders believed that the youth are lazy meanwhile when the youth start a project and its yielding dividend some leaders start asking questions like “ When were you born, when did you arrive”.

I have been asking myself this question” Is when were you born or when did you arrive the key issue to cause change or transform the constituency? Today, Shai-Osudoku NDC is divided into spheres. There is nothing like NDC party in Shai-Osudoku but rather “Team Kpessa camp and Team Ocloo camp “which is causing a great havoc in the constituency and if care is not taken these so called camps would stay forever and if it does it would affect the NDC greatly and future parliamentary elections would still be based on these two camps. It would therefore be very difficult for any member of Team Kpessa camp to win any election in the constituency because of the nature of Team Ocloo’s camp after the analysis. All these boils down to how the people have been ruled for the 23 unimpressive years under the NDC in the constituency and the area being a stronghold of the NDC?

Our political leaders are worse off in the constituency, for the NDC and NPP nothing well can be spoken of. For the NPP, even the leader’sbelieved that the constituency is an orphan one so they are not even ready to support their parliamentary candidate Nene Stephen Oyortey. This young vibrant man is struggling to do his campaign because of lack of funds;meanwhile the constituency is also shaky now for the NDC. A constituency with bad roads network everywhere yet export stones from the quarry.

The NDC, since 2015 when the late Desmond William Ocloo made his intention to contest the primaries after several investments he made in the constituency met ethnocentric attacks but after he defied all the olds to win the election, the unfortunate thing happened. The primaries was conducted again and the wife won,yet instead of the so called“TeamOcloo and Team Kpessa” dissolving their camps to merge as one party they are still struggling to heal wound’sbecause of selfishness, personal interest and greediness. People have formed iron bars and barriersand others are not happy. Others believed that the constituency is a laughing one in the country because of the kind of parliamentarian the constituency present.

A constituency full of insults on social media platforms by the same people on these so called social media platforms they have created instead of productive issues they would spend all their time insulting leaders, themselves and others.

A constituency where some party executives in both NPP/NDC believe that they are superior and they should have access to party cars rather than the party parliamentary candidates for their day to day running of their campaign.

A constituency where a parliamentary candidate has to beg some party executives before they can release cars fortheir work, a constituency where even political party leaders do not consider in their plans for campaign in the greater Accra region, why? Are we outcasts? A constituency where some party executives steal party items for their personal benefits yet nothing is done to punish the perpetrators of these acts to serve as an example to others.

In every constituency, the interest of the elected Parliamentary candidate is paramount and all other businesses are attachments. The parliamentary candidate is the leader of the party and that must be established but this is a constituency where everybody is a “King Kong”. A constituency where the electricity Company of Ghana can decide to put the light out at any given time and bring it back even though it is not load -shedding. Shai, a traditional area without a paramount chief for so long and everybody is also a chief!

Recently, some assembly members were also at war with their District Chief Executive with counter accusations here and there. A Constituency where after election the Member of Parliamentwouldalways be at loggerheads with the District Chief Executive till his or her term of office ends. How do we evolve as a constituency with such a primitive mind? Look at the numerous resources we have from tourist destination to quarry yet the people are living in abject poverty why? A constituencywhere the district assembly scored Zero 0% in project benefits.

When the Ningo- Prampram district separated itself, they have seen remarkable achievement in their district but Shai-Osudoku is still struggling all because of poor leadership, selfishness, and personal interest first at the expense of the ordinary person. The time for action is now and we will no longer keep quiet on happenings in the district anymore, the intellectuals must come back home to help develop the constituency otherwise if they failed to do it now they would suffer for so long in the constituency.

Come now and start something for your presence to be felt, before considering any political position in the near future. I would advocate for a total tsunami in both NPP/NDC executives come the subsequent elections in the constituency and unselfish, intellectual minds, passionate ones should go in and contest to help shape the constituency for development.

Our future aspiring MPs are also not on top of issues in the country and this was manifested when Nana Aba grilled them on the recent State of Affairs on GhOne TV. Why? All because either they failed to learn, read the newspapers or follow events in the country.

Politics is not luxury; it is a humanneed so no one should use this need for personal gains in the constituency.
I now advocate that the constituency consider a swing. Instead of a stronghold for the NDC, the NPP Could pulls itsweight or the NDC should consider the Adenta example where MPs are given four years to prove their worth in parliament. If no show they boot you out. I rest my case, it is now or never!

The writer is an orthomolecular oncologist, a catalyst for change in the Dangme Land, Author of the State of the Dangme Land,the Director of Dangme Media Limited, publishers of Dangme Newspaper. He is the current National President of the Alternative Medical Association of Ghana (AMAG) E-mail:


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