Seth Tekper’s Concentration 100 Per Cent, His Delivery Zero


The disgrace, is finally complete, our adorable legal tender, the cedi, has been adjudged the worst performing currency in the world, and by extension our affable finance Minister, Seth Tekper, without a shadow of doubt is the worst performing Finance Minister in the world.

What is our crime that since, Seth Tekper was appointed as the Finance Minister, nothing seem to be going right for our currency and that have had a consequential effect on the economy.

Everything in the book has been applied, yet every day the finishing line that looks closer a day before, looks far away, economic revival is now like a mirage to us.

In the words of the President, John Dramani Mahama, we have had a period of bust and boom, what he has always fell short of telling Ghanaians is that, ever since Seth Tekper became the Finance Minister, all Ghanaians have experienced and still do is the bust, the boom has become elusive.

Everybody, who has the opportunity to serve his people, in whatever capacity, wants to live a legacy that would outlive them, when their time is up, we remember the good, as well as the bad, but the ones that live everlasting memory, are those whose performance, leads to
improvement in the quality of lives of the people.

Everything that the cedi is going through did not start today, it was as a results of certain policies pursued in the past, among which is the redenomination that was done in 2007, but it behoves on the current Minister of Finance, to ensure that corrective measures are implemented to halt the free fall of the cedi that we witness on a daily basis.

Every conceivable forum has been organized at the instance of the President and the Finance Minister, all to do one thing, to find solutions to the problems confronting the economy.

Various meetings have been held from Ho to Senchi to all the ones held at the Peduase Lodge, all in a desperate effort to fix the ailing economy.

What at all is the honorable Seth Terkper still doing in office, in other civilized countries; he would have resigned by now. He will save all of the trouble of being pushed.

Last Friday, on our way home from the office around 4.00 am, we tuned in to listen to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), among the topics making the news that day was Ghana’s economy.

The story of Ghana, since independence, has always been about how we are making Africa proud, but unfortunately on that day, the story was different, it was a sad story, if you are a well-meaning and patriotic Ghanaian.

How will you feel listening to an international media organisation like the BBC, with such a wide and varied listenership and what is said of your country is that, your currency is the worst performing currency in the world, Haba we are now even behind Zimbabwe?

The media house, did not only sit in London to do a postmortem of what some media houses had written or reported, or what their correspondent had sent them, but they actually sent down a reporter for a first hand information to interact with ordinary Ghanaian workers and interview the President of the land.

As usual, in his optimistic self, the President said, Ghana was still a bastion of hope for Africa and the number one investment destination in Africa, followed by his usual we have had periods of boom and bust.

The question is, which businessman desirous of maximizing his profit, will invest in a country whose currency is the weakest in the world?
Mr Seth Terkper, is yet to convince me why he should continue in office, because the President and other economic advisors, who should be resting after their long service to the country, are still called upon to come and help him to steer the ship to safety.

The President and his wife are in the United States of America (USA) to attend a summit, on the sidelines of the summit, the President is expected to sign the second compact of the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA), trust Seth Terkper to be tagging along like a dog following his master.

He is simply not proactive; he does not take initiative on his own, he always waits like a soldier to be given instructions and ordered before he moves.

The Minister has been a pale shadow of his predecessors, he has reduced a once vibrant Ministry to a talk shop Ministry, all sort of talk shops have been organize to breadth life into our dying economy all to no avail.

Under the present conditions, created by the lack of proactiveness on the part of Seth Terkper, where unemployment are at an all-time high, those employed are losing their jobs, because businesses are folding up, Ghana needs its citizens now, much more than ever and we cannot afford to fail.

Her survival depends on what we give back to her in this crucial time, because it is clear that Honourable Seth Terkper cannot resuscitate her.

A nation is built on what individuals give back and not what they take from it. We surely know that to whom much is given, much is expected, but in this time of emergency, even though little or nothing was ever be given, we still cannot close our eyes to the suffering of the populace.

Although Seth Tekper to whom much is giving, has failed to lived up expectation, we cannot all stand aloof and watch while this country become the laughing stock of Africa and the world.

The President told the BBC that he is the captain and he is standing on the bridge and so sees ahead of all of us, I hope and pray that his vision is not blurred and that he sees clearly where he and Terkper are taken us.

The situation is getting worse by the day, prices of basic commodities are hitting the roof, something needs to be done and it must be now.
This country is a complete mess, nothing ever seems to work. For how long are we going to continue this way? The more we complain the worse it gets.

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