Separating Hypocrisy From Political Opposition


‘Talent is not exclusive to an ethnic group. Mahama has always believed in diversity,’

By Maxwell Okamafo Addo

The time has come for Ghanaians to separate between hypocrisy and political opposition. Hypocrites have no place in leadership; whether in the religious, political, or cultural sectors.

The NPP claims they are on a mission to rescue Ghana from President John Mahama. My candid advice for members of the NPP is that they should first rescue their party from the hands of their authoritarian leaders. Anything short of this will keep them decades away from Flag Staff House. Currently President Mahama is facing The Godfather of Ghana’s opposition Nana Akuffo Addo.

It is important that Ghanaians begin to show serious interest not only in the party in power but the opposition too. This is because the strength of
a nation’s democracy is in how vibrant the opposition is. For many discerning minds, the greatest threat to Ghana’s democratic culture and obstacle to a rapid socio-economic development is not the actions or inactions of the party in power. But Poor opposition tradition.

The Hypocrisy of the NPP is in accusing government of not fighting corruption. It is easier said than done. Leadership is a practical thing. Leadership is by example. The NPP cannot convince Ghanaians it can fight corruption when it has actually done nothing in this regard in their own party.

It is not enough to point accusing fingers. The leaders and financiers of the opposition should tell Ghanaians the sources of their stupendous wealth. This is one way they can shame the ruling party and win the confidence of Ghanaians.

In fact, political opposition is to democracy what spice is to stew. The opposition is supposed to offer the electorates credible alternatives. Unfortunately, opposition parties in Ghana have reduced itself to mere assemblage of alarmists and propaganda bearers.

They are mostly known for raising alarms about plans by the ruling party to rig elections. This is not the kind of political atmosphere that opposition politics thrive in modern democracies. It explains why the opposition has not been able to win the Ghana’s presidency; giving rise to anger and frustration on the part of its leaders and financiers.

The quality of opposition language has become not only disgusting but inciting too. They have abandoned democracy to embrace insultocracy, a negative political culture that is based on insulting political opponents. A day hardly passes without him insulting the person of the president all in the name of opposition politics.

Unable to manage their frustration, the colour of NPP opposition has grown from hate to that of desperation. It was out of desperation for power that opposition politicians with opposing beliefs and ideologies

Apart from their penchant for raising false alarms, opposition leaders are known for making threats before major elections. Making frivolous allegations in the press is one of them. In most cases, these alarms and allegations have turned out to be false.

There is credible reason for one to believe that some corrupt politicians in Ghana join the opposition now a day in order to evade arrest and prosecution. Opposition politicians are quick to allege political victimisation each time they are investigated for corruption.

Those closer to President Mahama says he is keen on details and when he embarks on an assignment he pursues it to completion’’.

“The problem of credibility among Ghana’s voters is something the opposition, whatever form it may take, has to address before the next general election ,” if not their vote would dwindle seriously.

The NPPs behavior is business-as-usual in a party run by political “godfathers,” or political elites who sponsor candidates with the understanding that they will reap the financial benefits once the candidate takes office.

If we take this as a general model for the feelings of Ghanaians nationwide, then there’s a tremendous opportunity for the ruling government to widen its support base.

Currently the urban young, in addition to thinking more freely and have access to far wider sources of information. Virtually all of the young now get their news from the Internet rather than the mainstream media, so they know what is trending in terms of the work the President is doing.

That means that somehow, the opposition has to come up with concrete policies and credible leaders, “Failure to do so will be tantamount to handing the worst defeat and the 2016 electionwould be won on a silver platter by President John Mahama.

Currently the young in NPP are split between their opposition and the ruling party. “The view is that many are still undecided, not happy with the NPP, because it is fragmented and spending time fighting each other.

President Mahama
IF one were to draw up a list of distinguished Ghanaians, who have exhibited high level of competence and integrity in their service to country and humanity in general, then President John Dramani Mahama will be among the top on that list with his work being amplified in decibels. President
Mahama is the sober voice of reason at a time of unreason. He is the fellow keeping his head while some are panicking. He is the healing presence for Ghanaians.

Shambolic opposition
The main reason for this conclusion is that the NPP opposition that does not seem to have a clue about what it takes to run an effective national presidential campaign.

However, his NPP challengers remain fighting. It is incredible that barely some few months to an election where the opposition hopes to unseat a president who has been in office for nearly six years, the NPP bigwigs have yet to agree on issues like dismissing their national chairman , general secretary and 1st national chairman which has divided their party.

This means there is now insufficient time to socialize Ghanaians about the NPP. The opposition candidate who needs no national introduction Nana Addo is 72, and is dead in the water. Nana have contested the presidency in the past and failed woefully. Should they try again, they will fail again.

Where many leaders are two-faced; publicly kindly but privately feared and/or hated by people closest to them, Mahama is consistent in the way he treats people, consistently kind and personally humble. He lives by the code that those who lead must serve. He believes that. He lives it. He lived it long before he was in the public eye.

Mahama puts service ahead of ideology. He also knows that to succeed politically you need to be tough. He can be. This is a man who does what works, rather than scoring ideological points.

Mahama has proven to be a reservoir of personal physical courage that is unmatched in our presidential history.As we approach the midterm period of his administration with his changing lives and transforming Ghana and if the agenda.

NPP Shallow party-structure
Nana is very popular in the Ashanati region, but he is hopeless at building party-structures.. Nana is making the NPP a one-man party if you critic
him you get suspended or sacked. This is not very useful in an election where Nana himself is not healthy.

The die is cast

The die is cast; the race has begun in earnest with Mahama as a presidential candidate the only option left for the opposition is to raise their game. Instead ofthe “needless government criticisms.

All through his active days as a politician par excellence till date, remains a shining light. A totally detribalized great son of Africa, he’s loved and highly respected by people from different tribes, race and religion.

While President Mahama is being received all over the world as a hero, Akuffo Addo and his cohorts are dying of their hatred towards him. John Mahama is a very lucky man; while few hate him, the whole world loves and honors him. When you think that John Mahama is down and out, he reaches even greater heights. Mahama is like a “yam sprouting while it’s being roasted”.

He excels when one least expected it. In tribulation, in persecution, and in campaign of calumny against him, he perseveres. He who comes against John Mahama fails, and that’s not of his own making but how God created him

The NPP party is replete with envy, deceits, and doublespeak. They are the “hands of Esau and the voice of Jacob”.

Mahama bashers should know that who God blessed, no one can curse. Mahama has remained a mystery to his admirers and enemies alike.

Today, he’s proved his worth for his long involvement in diplomatic circles helping to bring peace to the sub region, including his time as a Deputy minister, Minister, MP ,member of the Ecowas Parliament , Vice President of Ghana, then President of Ghana. President of Ecowas , with his initiatives and negotiations across the Ecowas countries with his exceptional leadership skills as the President of

His career in leadership spans decades and institutions, both in his native country and internationally. However, all through his service years, promotion of democracy on the West African Sub Region has always been his heart desire and an area of great concern. Especially the way he has displayed some exemplary leadership in the Sub region.

Ghanaians must always remember that President Mahama is leading a party of democrats and not a party of hooligans.

A political party of patriots and not a party of renegades, A political party of statesmen and women.A party of builders not destroyers, a party of committed servants of the people.

Ghanaians must let our people see once again, that we are in this to serve and to move Ghana forward, not to move Ghana backwards.
In the coming campaigns and elections, we must see to it that Ghana triumphs and that democracy win. No other cause can be greater than the Ghanaian
cause. Without Ghana, there will be no President.

To progress as a nation, we must change. The word ‘United’ in the names of the United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is what made and keeps making those nations great. They are just more united.

There are good Ghanaians and there are bad Ghanaian’s. Every other division is artificial. The only identity God gives us when we are born in Ghana is Ghanaian. All other identities come after that.

There is need for a dedicated leadership and citizenry imbued with faith to cultivate a wide-spread national feeling for “One Ghana I am convinced that these goals are attainable because we are at this time operating in more auspicious circumstances.

“Without doubt, the forthcoming elections mark a critical point in our nation’s history. The eyes of the international community are focused on the transition that lies ahead of us.

“The world is asking: Will Ghana get it right? My categorical response to that is: Yes, we must. And surely, we will. It is your duty to ensure that through your campaigns, and activities, this primary objective is not lost.

President Mahama has always stated “Our commitment to free, fair, credible, and violence-free elections remains unshaken. That should also be your commitment as we go to the field to seek the people’s mandate once again.

We are not so naive as to think that nationalism is a natural phenomenon, which comes about automatically, as we grow. It has not been so in any part of the world. National integration requires hard work.

I urge all Ghanaians to join President Mahama in working with resolution for the attainment of these goals. The first thing is for all those who have participated in the recent elections to work together, whether they win or lose. , they must act as good sportsmen, set aside differences and harness our energies to the task of nation-building.

I know government is committed to building a united, stable and prosperous nation, President John Mahama need your contribution, co-operation and support. Ghana can and must become a great and modern nation.

Let us with true conscience and determination join hands and re-dedicate ourselves to the service of this great country so that it will be a place we can and shall all be proud of. We cannot afford to fail in this task and by the grace of God.

Ghana’s Biggest Problem. In my opinion, is not corruption, a bad economy, terrorism or crime? These are just symptoms of the problem we face in Ghana. Ghana’s’ biggest problem is that we are not united. Fix that and you fix Ghana! Today, instead of solving this problem, we have chosen rather to continue the problem by poisoning our youth with Ghana’s biggest problem of disunity.

I would like to enjoin all Ghanaian to bear in mind that regardless of their party affiliations, the interest of the nation is supreme.

As Ghanaians, the realities of the problem of education stare us boldly in the face. This government accepts the responsibility for free education at all levels as has been provided for in the Constitution. The main problem, however, is how to make education accessible to all even the current financial constraints and inadequacy of teachers and educational facilities.

We need more schools, more teachers, more laboratories; more books more desks more playing fields and numerous other supplies and equipment all of which are involved with the increase in enrolment. This President of Ghana has done and continues to do.

President John Mahama’s administration is irrevocably committed to making education a priority. And he has immediately expanded education infrastructure in order to cope with the demand at all levels of our educational system,making education more qualitative and functional with a sound moral content.

He has expanded access to education by providing schools and facilities at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Today, there is a University in almost every region now, and every Ghanaian child has been given the opportunity to go to school.

Ghana’s biggest problem is disunity and I call on President Mahama and all ex-presidents to put aside their differences and help build unity through their comments and their actions.

Leaders must stop calling each other derogatory names. Leaders must focus on leading and not on blaming previous leaders for the situation in which they find themselves. Leaders ought to refrain from making blanket statements that generalise a whole tribe or ethnic nationality.

But most importantly, leaders must believe in their people especially on the international stage and must use every podium made available to them to sell Ghanaians and Ghana’s to the world. If Ghanaians see their leaders uniting irrespective of tribe, religion and party, they will follow suit.

In conclusion, let us learn to be blind to party, ethnicity and religion when issues of Ghana’s development are concerned, otherwise we will never progress, and instead we will retrogress. If we do not learn this, it will be a case of I and my state against Ghana , I and my tribe against my state, I and my village against my tribe and I and my family against my village and finally, I against my brother.

This administration is determined that the slogan of “One Nation, One Destiny” shall be translated into reality.

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