Sempe Chief Attains Lasting Peace For His People


The paramount chief of the Sempe Stool Nii Adote Otintor, has finally restored peace to towns and communities under his jurisdiction in the Greater Accra Region.

The attainment of this feat, comes on the heels of protracted chieftaincy disputes among people in developing towns such as, Oduman,Nsakinaa,Obom.

The decades of disputes, had resulted in physical clashes, loss of lives, destruction of properties, as well as, petty struggles among indigenes of these towns.

Until the recent development, the aforementioned towns and communities, had hardly existed without one dispute or the other, denying them of basic social amenities, such as good drinking water, good roads, schools, etc.

Speaking at a ceremony recently at Sempe at James Town in Accra to announce the attainment of peace in and around the communities, Nii Otintor, said he was delighted to have arrived at this present state, after several efforts to bring the people together failed.

He said, the quest to bring his people together, was never a personal thing, but a journey to ensure that his subjects lived in an atmosphere of peace and harmony, so they could go about performing their daily activities without any interference from any quarters.

According to him, a community where the people live in fear and anxiety, hampers development and growth, which goes to burden and hinder the peace of the entire country, since petty disputes can sometimes degenerate into full blown conflict.

As part of the ceremony, the chief, reshuffled some of the royal appointments and commissioned selected committed leaders, who would support him in steering the affairs of the towns.

After the announcement were made, a traditional ceremony, including rituals were performed from the Obom village to the beach and then to the Sempe Palace for final rights and reception.

Prominent among them, were the youth whom Nii Adote Otintor, has special interest in.

He argued that, the youth are the future of the stool and believes that their struggle and efforts to make the Sempe great and powerful, cannot be underestimated.

The celebrated chief, believes in justice for all, as well as the promotion and sense of belongingness for his subjects.

He thanked his subjects and everyone, who played a role in solving the lingering disputes and promise to maintain it going forward.

The head of the Obom family land, Weku Onukpa Daniel Quarcoopome, who burst into tears, following the resolution of all land disputes said, “if I knew our great warrior, could solve the long standing dispute, I wouldn’t have wasted lots of money going to places where mediation has proved futile”.

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