Sedinam Tamakloe Diagnoses NPP


The hypocrisy and insincerity of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) knows no bounds. Why are they trying to behave like there are no schools that still exist under trees?

Who said, they are no places in Ghana that are underdeveloped? They don’t even have to go far to the Wa Municipality! Right here in Accra, they is underdevelopment. That is why we are classified as a “Developing Country”.

What they should be asking themselves first is, how many schools were under trees when they the NPP took power in 2000?

How many did they eliminate?

Did they even have the data at the time. Fast forward to 2008, how many schools under trees did they leave behind?

How many have the NDC eliminated? How many more are left and what is the plan to eliminate them. When we started eliminating schools under trees during the era of President Mills, what did they say?

Were they not the same people shouting at the top of their voices that, new brick and mortar was not important and that we should concentrate on maintaining the existing ones? Same arguments they are propounding now about the many hospitals and health facilities being built.

“Concentrate on Korle Bu” they say. Same arguments they made when the Akosombo Dam and Tema Motorway, Harbour and township were being built by Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah. Same arguments they propounded when President Rawlings, was extending electricity to the North and donated his 50,000 to the development of University For Development Studies (UDS) in Tamale.

What would have happened to the few people, who survived the accident in Kintampo, had there been no primary health care facility in Kintampo or Techiman? The NDC government, has eliminated 1,614 schools under trees.
Dr. Bawumia, should come and tell us how many they eliminated when they were in power? If they had done it all, Bawumia, would not have the opportunity of the photo he had last week.

At least the children in one of the schools in Kperisi were in brick and mortar classrooms, and they were all in new decent school uniforms, indicating that our free school uniform policy is working!

The facts regarding that school are as follows; The school is being supplied with furniture. 2 classrooms are yet to receive theirs. About 60 tables and chairs. And God willing it will be delivered.

I still maintain that, Rome wasn’t built in a day! It is about time the NPP, stopped behaving as if they solved all our problems in Ghana and the NDC came to destroy it.

If they were that brilliant, why did the majority of Ghanaians kick them out?
President John Dramani Mahama is #changinglives and #transformingghana.

The change and transformation is happening in Cities, towns, villages and hamlets, and bit by bit, we will get there.
The NPP propaganda will not wash!

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