Security Personnel In Churches Should Help Avert Anticipated Terrorists’ Attacks.


By BernardQuanson.

The Worldwide Leader of the Congregation of the Seventh Day Church of Theocracy, Apostle Kadmiel Agbalenyoh, has prevailed upon Soldiers, Police, and other Security Personnel in the various churches across the country, to do everything in their power to prevent the reported attacks of terrorists from Burkina Faso on Churches in Ghana.

Speaking in an Exclusive Interview with The Herald in Accra recently, Apostle Agbalenyoh, noted that the information of the anticipated attacks is very risky, because no one knows the time that the terrorists will strike.

To this end, the Apostle, said all Churches should prepare adequately by creating an information desk to educate members on security measures and particularly how to outwit terrorists.

He said, it was unfortunate news because in Ghana for a long time, Muslims and Christians, have lived in harmony, so for extremists to attack Christians for no apparent reasons, no one will accept that in good faith.

He said, the fear that the news of the anticipated attacks have created in the Christian circles is too much, because it is difficult to identify the terrorists among the people in Churches, so all have to be extra vigilant, stressing that, they may dress well and mingle with the people, as if they are true worshippers, whilst they are not.

Apostle Agbalenyoh noted that, it is good that the Government came out openly on the issue, and he encouraged the Churches to take the advice of the Government so that the nation can succeed in the anticipated ‘battle’.


The man of God,  further noted that SpecialGroups, should be formed in churches to augment the efforts of the security of places of worship.

According to him, the issue of the anticipated terrorists attack is just like kidnapping, which has assumed alarming rate.

“No one should underrate the information, but all churches should put in place effective security measures”, he stressed.

He said, because terrorists’ attacks and kidnapping occur before the Police come in to investigate, it is better for all of us to be alert, even before they possibly strike to cause harm, before investigations which at times do not yield any positive results.

The Reverend, urged the nation’s security to tighten security at our borders to avoid the entry into the country.

Speaking on Ghana’s Politics, the Apostle stressed that , it is sad that as we approach the next general elections in 2020 people have started making harsh statements especially against the Electoral Commissioner and the EC in general which is not fair as we all pray for a peaceful elections.

He said once in the media , he heard somebody referring to the Electoral Commission (EC) as being  useless meaning the Commissioner is also useless which does not auger well for the nation and democracy because people will see the EC as not a credible institution to conduct the 2020 General Elections.

He said if such reckless statements continue, people will accuse the EC boss of rigging the elections in favour of party A or B which in actual fact may not be like that.

He said if the EC is discredited in public the way and manner it is going now the people will not have confidence in the Commission.

Apostle Agbalenyoh, therefore pleaded with political parties not to incite the people against the EC by watching their utterances in order not to destroy the image of the Commission that the whole world is expecting to deliver.

Balancing the equation, the man of God also called on the Electoral Commission and the Commissioner to proof their sceptics wrong by conducting a truly free, fair and transparent Elections in 2020 so that the Commission and Commissioner will be held in high esteem instead of disgracing the whole nation by favouring a section of the nation.

He emphasized that if the Commissioner presides over successful elections her name will be written in Gold and vice versa if she favours one side.

Picture……. The Worldwide Leader of the Congregation of the Seventh Day Church of Theocracy, Apostle KadmielAgbalenyoh.


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