Scrap June 4 Celebration


It is my unpleasant duty to call for the scrapping of the June 4 celebration an uprising which many Ghanaians including me hailed passionately and devotedly some time ago. It is sad and disappointing that the architect of this national event seems to have lost focus; the vision that inspired him to stage the clean-up exercise: The June Fourth Revolution of 1979.

The event came as redemption of the good people of Ghana from the economic slavery they were shamefully subjected to by few politically advantaged. The core values of the revolution which were probity accountability and equity were embraced and appreciated by the general public as the society was then judged by these values.  It was for this reason that the same architect staged another coup in 1981 against a democratically elected government of Dr. Hilla Limann for not being in harmony with the principle of Probity & Accountability.

This coup was also popularly accepted because of the apparent patriotism of the then redeemer, Rawlings. I was personally his staunch admirer so I registered my appreciation for him by writing to him from Nigeria, where I was then working and can recount many things he did that endeared him to the good people of Ghana including his selflessness and quest for justice.

I am now totally at a loss what is happening to my hero, one who was avid defender of probity, accountability and equity is now condoning acts that amount to an affront to these same values and principles he earlier espoused. It is strange he can see speck of corruption in the party he founded but cannot see the mote of vices in the NPP Government today. His compromised position with the Akuffo Addo administration remains something of an enigma to many political analysts.

In the publication of the Herald of Wednesday March 20, 2019 captioned – Rawlings ignores NPP’s bad Governance again! The writer was puzzled at the Former President, Jerry John Rawlings’s conduct when he paid tribute the Late Dr. Kwabena Adjei, Former Chairman of the National Democratic Congress. In the tribute the former president described Dr. Kwabena Adjei as a very strong and passionate man who lived his conviction and that he has a great deal of respect for him because he stood for his beliefs at the same time ignoring public outcry over corruption and scandals of the time.

The writer remarked that as usual the former President Rawlings charged at his party saying “Adjei was disappointed in terms of our own weakness as a party.” He further lamented that he was hurt about the value systems of the party.  He emphasized that he owed much respect to the former chairman because he lived his conviction as he always stood for his beliefs. Now can we ask if Rawlings is still living his conviction of Probity and Accountability? Does he still stand for his beliefs of the June 4 Revolution?

It is perceived that many who used to hail Rawlings as a national hero are now being disappointed in him because of his soft stance on heightened  corruption in public circles today. June 4, to be or not to be depends on upholding the core values of the June 4 event.

Let us see the Architect living his conviction and beliefs of the revolution. As the Former Chairman Adjei earned the respect of Former President Rawlings by living his beliefs I humbly urge Former President Rawlings to reflect on the life of Dr. Kwabena Adjei and advise himself to live as a true statesman who lives his conviction and beliefs. It is only by doing so that he can have the moral courage to continue to celebrate the June 4 Event.

Yao Mac






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