Sasso Tops All


……Emerges “Top Emerging Brand 2014”

By Gifty Arthur

Household brand, Sasso, was recently adjudged the “Top Emerging Brand 2014”, that is according to Premier Brand Ghana, an independent research organisation, dedicated to promoting branding discipline in the country.

Under the auspices of Brands Excellence Award, Premier Brands Ghana, conferred the award on “Sasso” at a ceremony on October 31, 2014 in Accra but, “Sasso”, formally received the certificate last week. Sasso, is a parent company to Samara Group of Companies.

The Top Emerging Brand award, recognizes the quality of the Sasso products, which comprise insecticide spray and mosquito coil, produced by Samara Group of Companies.

The award also recognized the niche Sasso has carved for itself in the industry, and the effectiveness of its insecticide spray and coils, which are currently in high demand. Sasso prides itself of popular products such as, Sasso Insectiticides Spray, Starch, Mosquito Coil, Samazone Thick Bleach which are making waves in shops, markets and homes across the country.

A certificate with citation presented to management of Sasso, led by Executive Chairman of Samara Group of Companies, Sampson Effah-Apraku said, “This certificate is awarded to Sasso Insecticide Spray and Coils. It confirmed that the brand was improving its presence and relevance in the market.

It attests to the fact that the brand is being managed well and as long as a brand is perceived and appreciated this way, people look up to it with pride and would always want to share in its success.”

Mr. Sampson Effah Apraku, said the award signified the mission of Sasso to make better quality products, and said the company was not reneging on its efforts to provide the public with more of such products.

“We feel very elated about this award. It signifies the hard work that the Sasso team has embarked on. We are not going to renege on our efforts to churn out better quality products that would meet the satisfaction of consumers.

“We, therefore, take this opportunity to thank each and everyone for their support and loyalty,” Mr. Apraku said.

Sasso prides itself as the only smokeless mosquito coil in Ghana. For this reason, all persons, no matter what class of society they belong to, can use it. Its insecticide spray is effective in killing mosquitoes and all other insects instantly, leaving a fresh lemon scent for a goodnight sleep.

Sasso Mosquito Coil kills and repels mosquitoes instantly for a total of 10 hours, leaving a fresh scent for the night. It is smoke-free and prevents catarrh.

Premier Brand Ghana, enrolled this award scheme in 2011 to promote quality products in Ghana, ensuring that organizations are motivated to come up with good quality products, which are user-friendly. The award has since recognized many organizations in various fields.

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