Sasso Rewards Dedicated Worker With A Four Bedroom House


By Gifty Arthur

An employee of Samara Group of Companies, Alhaji Dawuda Mohammed, has been rewarded with a four-bedroom house after staying committed and loyal to the rising company at a ceremony in Accra.

Alhaji Dawuda Mohammed, started work with the company some thirty years ago, and according to him, though things were very tough at the time, to the extent that they had to work without salary for months, he stayed hopeful and dedicated.

“It has been a long journey for me. The company had just started when I joined and as it is normal for every young company to experience difficulties, Samara Company was no exception.

“The many colleagues that I started with left but I persevered and today I must say I am proud to be associated with Samara Company Limited, the owner of the number one Insecticide brand on the market,” Alhaji Mohammed said.

In a state of surprise and excitement, he was presented with a dummy of the promised house with assurance from the Executive Chairman of Samara Group of Companies, Dr. Sampson Effah Apraku, at the company’s end-of-year party in Accra.

Alhaji Mohammed, now the company’s chief driver, who has worked with the company, then Samara Pharmacy, remains the last man standing with respect to the people who started the company, according to Dr Apraku

“Alhaji has been with this company, then Samara Pharmacy for 30 years. We had many people working with us at that time, but today we only have Alhaji still working with Samara Company”.

With thunderous applause and shouts from all present, Dr. Apraku, assured Alhaji Mohammed, the keys to the promised house, would be presented to him a year from that day.
“We are honoring him with a four-bedroom house, which will be ready by the close of 2016,” Dr Apraku disclosed.

The awards put together by Dr. Apraku, and the Board of the company, also recognized the contribution of two others, Marketing Manager of the company, Sedrick Nartey Ologo, and a security man, Michael Ofori.

Mr. Nartey Ologo, took home a brand new 2014 model Toyota Corolla, while Mr. Ofori, received a brand new motorbike. Speaking on the two, Dr. Apraku, said his Marketing Manager was someone he could rely on as much as he wants, as he noted he is very hardworking and committed to his work.

Dr. Apraku, credited him with the new image of the company as brands such as Sasso Insecticide Spray, has become a household name after joining the company in 2011.

“I am extremely elated about this gift. I was not expecting it. It came as a surprise to me. As you can see, I am short of words to explain how I feel at the moment,” Ologo said in excitement.

On Mr. Ofori, he was described as someone who is very diligent in his work. He noted, this is a man who when you give him something to keep, he would bring it the same way you gave to him.

Over the past few years, Samara Group of Companies, has won awards, including the Head of State Fastest Growing Company Award; The Premier Brand Ghana Top Emerging Brand, and Fastest Growing Brand; The Best Insecticide Brand; The Best Group of the year 2015; and the Overall Achiever Award of 2015 for Dr. Apraku.

It is no surprise that, employees are also being acknowledged and appreciated.

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