‘’Sankwas’’ Song Not Directed At Mzvee –Kaakie Clarifies


Popular dancehall artiste Kaakie has explained that her latest single is not meant to attack her colleague artiste Mzvee.

In an interview with Hitz FM presenter Doreen Avio Monday, she explained that her song has “absolutely nothing to do with MzVee…I’m not a beef kind of person and the song is not directed to her.’’

Kaakie has wasted no time since her return from school to release her new single titled ‘Sankwas’ featuring rapper Guru.

‘Sankwas’ is a derogatory term to dismiss a person or render someone as useless.

A section of the entertainment public has picked up on the first line of the song to mean, the ‘Obolobolo’ hitmaker is targeting Mzvee.

The line read, “they try to be me, so they end up skinny and lean”. Considering Mzvee’s slim physique, some say the target on the BET nominee is obvious.

But Kaakie pointed out that artistes are supposed to create something out of nothing. She was just trying to do a Dancehall song, she indicated.

She also went further to explain the title of her song ‘’Sankwas’’ stating that ‘’Sankwas’’ is a hater song, that is to say in life there are good
and bad people.

The songstress also cleared the air about another line in her song that has been making headlines and has got tongues wagging when she said,‘’I chew weed’’.

She clarified saying,”I was trying to create an idiom in dancehall music. I’m not saying I literally chew weed’’.

According to Kaakie, the line is a metaphor she used in her song.

She also explained her long absence from music. Kaakie last released a song in 2015.

But she explained that she does not put pressure on herself to constantly release songs.

She described herself as an artist who after a huge hit or achievement, takes a break and then comes back to continue from where she left, suggesting that she didn’t die off but she only took a professional break.

Kaakie says she is finally back to the music industry for good after completing a degree in Nursing at the University of Ghana in 2014 and finishing a one-year mandatory national service.

She expects for focus on her music career. You won’t find Kaakie attending to patients in a ward.

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