Sampson Ahi Under Pressure Over MP Seat



The Member of Parliament (MP) for Bodi Constituency in the Western Region, Sampson Ahi, who doubles as the Deputy Minister of Water Resources, Works and Housing is likely to lose his seat in the upcoming National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary primaries.

For close to 12 years now, since his assumption of office as the Member of Parliament for the area, it has come to the notice of this paper that a higher percentage of residents within the Constituency are not enthused about his delivery, branding it as below average.
Sampson Ahi, for all these years, has not been able to come out within any life touching developmental project in the area, making habitation in the area difficult for them.

The district according to residents, is still riddled with myriads of challenges including, poor road networks, high unemployment rate among the youth, low level of educational support for needy, but brilliant students, lack of academic infrastructure, inadequate street lights among other social amenities.

During our tour of a community within the district called Afere, it occurred to us as a big shock, when we noticed that as a community, the construction of an Information Communication Technology (ICT) block for students of Afere D/C Primary, have been abandoned by authorities to the detriment of students and teachers.

Students as at now, have no access to quality ICT facilities and even to worsen the matter for the Member of Parliament, residents within the community, lack access to public bins for refuse disposal to promote sanitation in the area.

Due to the aforementioned problems , it has emerged that residents in several communities, have expressed disappointment in the poor performance of the MP and have, therefore, vowed to push him out of office for Mr. Emmanuel Owusu Ansah, popularly called,“Bra Darko”.

Some are even suggesting that, the latter contest as an independent parliamentary candidate, following the galaxy of developmental projects he is single handedly putting up in several communities in the district.

Scores of NDC faithful in the Constituency, who are determined never to give-up their allegiance for Mr. Emmanuel Owusu Ansah, have promised to give him the necessary to enable him oust Samson Ahi.

Mr. Emmanuel Owusu Ansah, an accountant and a farmer by profession, a strong follower of NDC since 1992, plus a financier at the district level, disclosed in an interview with this paper that he was determined to unseat the incumbent MP.

He mentioned a number of projects, he had embarked upon at his own expense, include the construction of a 4-unit class room block for Afere D/C Primary at the cost of GH 75,000 in the year 2013 to accommodate over 155 students, the construction of a weighing centre for Yayaso community in the year 2013, the construction of an abattoir site at the cost of GH 5,000, the construction of a community park for Amuoya community in the year 2014 among others.

He indicated that nothing would stop him from his quest for the seat, no matter how hard the opposition tries.

According to him, the time has come for residents to prove to the incumbent that, there are better characters within the constituency who can do much better than him. “We are sick and tired of the number of underdevelopments that has enveloped the constituency,” he said.

He has, therefore, called on all residents to rally behind him for the seat, since he has what it takes to bring the needed development to the Constituency.

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