SADA Must Speak Out


A report released by the University of Development Studies (UDS), on the tree planting exercise undertaken by the Savannah Accelerated Development Authourity (SADA)., suggest that 85 per cent of the trees have survived and actually doing well.

This report is in sharp contrast to recent expose’ by some media houses, especially Joy FM, whose reporter Manazzeh Azuri Awuni, is reported to have
visited the site of some of the afforestation zones and found out that most of the trees have died.

It is possible that there was a lot of wasteful expenditure and a misplaced investment as far as SADA initiative was concern.

A lot of the people appointed to run SADA, are people of northern extraction, who have had firsthand experience of what poverty could do and what it means to be poor.

Poverty is endemic in the Northern region, that explains why a lot of the youth, who are supposed to be in school have all migrated to the cities, especially, Accra and Kumasi to engage in menial and demeaning jobs, such as Kayayei, truck pushers, scrap dealers etc.

And so a lot was expected of them, but unfortunately they forgot where they were coming from when luck shone on them.

The story is not entirely hopeless as the media want us to believe, but why will you blame the media, if you fail to tell your story, the media will do it for you, and trust the media, who are always foraging for bad news to do it well.

When the whole brouhaha started authourities of SADA, should have also come out to tell their story. A vacuum was created and everybody took advantage of it, including the opposition.

This latest attempt to tell the accurate and true story, could be misconstrued to mean something else.

We have always maintained that the Government management of information is not the best. They always wait until things get out of hand before running to set the record straight.

The President, John Dramani Mahama, has been maligned and called names because of SADA, and nobody seem to have heard or seen all that was going on.

The ineptitude should stop, as things stand now SADA is not a lost course.

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