Sabon Zongo Chief Declare War On Drug Peddlers 


Muhammed Faisel Mustapha

In a bid to flush out illicit drug peddling and crime in Sabon Zongo a suburb of Accra, the Chief and youth of the community, have mounted pressure on Illicit drug peddlers who go about doing their illegal trade in the community with impunity, to evacuate or face the wrath of the law.

The activities of these drug peddlers, have brought untold sanitation challenges and crime related issue within the locality.

Many were those who believed that with their evacuation, the community, will be clean and hygienic for all to live in.

The Chief and the youth, will collaborate with the security agencies, as well as the Municipal Assembly to carry out the exercise.

Wee smokers, junkies, Tramadol and benyln abusers, have taken over Sabon Zongo community and their activities have paved way for petty traders, including provision store owners  to also engage in the sale of hard drugs like tramadol, blue, benyln among other drugs.

According to Baako Royal Family, the time has come for the people of Zongo to come together to fight these Drugs and bonker issue confronting the community.

The activities of the Drug peddlers the family said, has been the root of major social problems and if not addressed, might cause destruction to the lives of upcoming new generation in Sabon Zongo community.

The Chief, the youth and Assembly is collaborating with the security agencies in the fight against the canker, believing that such collaboration is the best way to go, than allowing  only the security agencies to take up such responsibility.

The wee and drug peddlers, as well as drug abusers, can be seen around the premises of Gaskia Cinema Hall, 4.4 area, Angua makafi and other areas within the Sabon Zongo locality.

It will be recalled that, during the registration of the National Identification Card, the Gaskia Cinema Hall was the supposed centre meant for the exercise, due to the invasion of these drug peddlers, the exercise was redirected to another centre, as the staffs of National Identification Authourity (NIA) cannot work at the mercy of those wee smokers.

The residents, have complained about how some military men and police patrol teams, usually come around the area at night to take money from the drug peddlers.

The residents, on May 4, 2019, claimed they witness a patrol team in a military pick up vehicle made up of police and military men, openly taking money from the drug peddlers with impunity.

One of the tramadol and weed smokers, who spoke with this reporter, revealed that the military officers and the police normally meet with the illicit drug and wee peddlers somewhere around Zongo junction to receive money, in order not to harass them when selling their stuff to them the (abusers).

This smokers, can also be seen in and around the Gaskia Cinema toilet, smoking openly without any fear, due to the money the military and police patrol team take from the peddlers.


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