Roads Safety Commission Suspends Ban On Second-Hand Tyres


By Cecil Mensah

The National Roads Safety Commission (NRSC), has suspended the introduction of the Legislative Instrument (LI) 2180, the law that bars, the use of sub-standard tyres in the country.

According to the Commission, the regulation 62, LI 2180 which is suppose to be operational on September 1, 2015, has been suspended to further notice.

The law that was passed by Parliament, seeks to bar the importation of second –hand tyres, older than six years into the country.

The Commission says, the decision to suspend the law was to further engage the stakeholders in the second-hand tyres sector of the economy across the country.

Madam May Obri-Yeboah, the Executive Director of NRSC, gave hints of the suspension of the introduction of the law at the launch of the fifth National Roads Safety Awards (NRSA) in Accra.

She said, the NRSA has become a flagship event on the calendar of the Commission since 2009.

“It is an event that allows us to celebrate institutions and individuals whose contributions continue to impact on road safety practices among commercial transport

Today many transport operators have put in place systems such as Road Safety Officers, Driver Training, Pre-departure checks among others to enhance their operations and improve road safety”, She added.

She revealed that, road traffic crashes are responsible for an average of 2,000 deaths a year.

According to her, this situation is far more than death, recorded through crimes yearly, 33 percent of these deaths are passenger and cargo vehicles related.

She said 60 percent of the crash victims are within the productive age bracket of 18 to 55 years, “these impacts negatively on the economy.

She said this affects tourism, the country’s image, stretches health infrastructure, health bill and is estimated to cost 1.6 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) annually.

She said the sad reality is that, these crashes are avoidable if some diligence is done in hiring the right driver with the right attitude and training.

‘’We can avoid these crashes if we can be diligent in maintaining our vehicles and permit only roadworthy vehicles on our roads.
We can make a difference when we promptly fix the minor roads works without waiting until they turn into pot-holes or death traps,’’ She stressed.

She said, the award was introduced in 2010 as an annual event to recognize passenger and freight transport operators and later the media.

However, the award took a break after the fourth edition to allow for some reflections on the impact of the awards on the operations of transport operators, she added.
She explained that, the award would be reintroduced in November in Accra with a repackage to respond to emerging trends and needs within the road safety environment.

She said, there shall be six competitive categories are; Best Road Safety –Oriented Basic school, Youth Ambassador for Road safety and the best driver award.

She noted that, the initial deadline of August 31, for submission of entries, has been revised and a new deadline for submission of entries would be published soon.

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