Residents Of Dodowa And Its Environs Must Be Angry About The Road

A toll has been placed on the Dodowa road for years now, collecting and generating revenue for the government on a daily basis, from Monday to Sunday, yet the road is one of the terrible trunk roads we have in the country.

The pothole you run into, immediately after paying the toll on both ends of the road, is the biggest insult any residents and commuters, could accommodate.

The road from the toll booth to Dodowa is not a long stretch, even if it is, monies generated on the road, if a quarter of it, is ploughed back into the road to make it motorable for those using it, it could lead to increase in revenue, because then you have more cars plying the road.

They are few towns along the road on the way to Dodowa, whose residents equally use the road and also pay the toll. Trotro and taxi drivers,, who ply the road on a daily basis for their daily bread, aside the bad nature of the road, which damages their cars, not only pay for toll, but had to deal with police officers, stationed at the toll booth, who extort money from them every day.

It is said that, to whom much is given, much is expected. Commuters on that road have contributed and continue to contribute into the national kitty, which is used to maintain and build other roads, but not that one.

We are of the considered opinion that, commuters on the Dodowa road, are not being treated fairly by the authorities. Not every request must end in agitation and demonstration.

The authorities are waiting for the residents to rise up to demonstrate and threaten them with votes, before something is done about the situation.

Until the overthrow of the first president, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, plans were far advanced to move the capital from Accra to Dodowa that is how important the town was to the founders of this nation.

Something must be done about the road and it must be now.

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