Religious Tolerance Heralds Madina Eid-Ul-Adha Prayers


The spectacle of religious tolerance and the saying that, religion is not war which has been missing in one of Africa’s most populous country with the largest Muslim community is held in high esteem when it comes to Ghana’s religious development.

This feat which has eluded Nigeria over the years, was put to show last Sunday August 11, during the Eid -Ul- Adha prayers at the Madina Cluster of Schools in the La-Nkwantanang Municipal Assembly of the Greater Accra Region.

At the Eid prayers attended by scores of Muslims from one of Ghana’s fastest growing municipality, as well as politicians from both sides of the political divide namely, the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) and opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) recorded religious diversity.

Whilst, Mallam Abdullah, led the prayers, blaring through the Public Address system on the park, members of the A.M. E Zion Church-Madina just opposite the football park, were also having their praise and worship, leading to some sound interference and hearing difficulties on the park.

Interestingly, nobody raised a finger about the sound interference during the church service and the Muslim prayer service and both religious leaders, tolerated each other till the Muslims ended theirs at about 10AM, leaving their Christian counterparts to continue with theirs.

Immediately after the prayers, the Imam, Mallam Abdallah, who led the Muslim sermon slaughtered a Ram to kick start the sacrificial exercise in accordance with the tenets of Islam.

Speaking to the media after the prayers attended by the former NDC Member of Parliament(MP) for Madina, Amadu  Sorogho, one of the aspiring parliamentary candidates on the ticket of the NDC for the 2020 elections and former Youth Organizer, Sidi Abubakar, the governing New Patriotic Party(NPP) MP for Madina Constituency, Abu-ba-kar Saddique Boniface, said Ghana has a unique religious tolerance history.

He said, many Ghanaians believe that religion is a way to God whichever way, being a Christian or Moslem and not war.

According to him, what was recorded on the park cannot happen anywhere in Africa except in Ghana adding that this country has a unique culture of tolerating each other’s religion.

“As a conflict management expert, I can say this feat are one of the few that makes Ghana one of the unique countries in the world”,  he emphasized.

He urged Ghanaians to continue to safeguard this feat the country continues to chalked in terms of religious tolerance.

The peace, Ghana is enjoying today is inculcated in our culture as Ghanaians by tolerating each other’s views in the country through activities such as inter-marriages among others he said.

He took the opportunity to commended leaders on both side of the religious divide to continue to educate their members to be measured in all their activities in the country to safeguard the peace of the country.

He added that without peace there will be no development explaining that no development strives in conflict.

Explaining the rationale behind the celebrations of Eid-UL-Adha among Muslims, he said it is a sacrifice bestowed on all Muslims by the Holy Prophet Mohammed (SAW).

He said, it is an obligation on the part of every Muslim across the world, all in fulfillment of the directives of the leader of the Muslim sect.

“It is an obligation for a every able-body Muslim to slaughter a Ram in fulfillment of the teachings of the Holy Prophet Mohammed (SAW)”.








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