Regional Minister Awarded 50 Road Contracts To Himself



-Ken Agyapong angrily reveals

By Gifty Arthur

The Central Regional Minister, has incurred the wrath of the Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central and he is out accusing the former Mfantsipim School Housemaster of selfishly eating with both hands at the expense of other genuine members of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, claimed Kwamena Duncan, has awarded all 50 road contracts to himself in the Central Region. The MP threatened to further expose the Regional Minister, should he bring his buffoonery on him again.

Assin Central MP, went on to describe his Regional Minister, as a nobody in the NPP, who is enjoying and benefitting from where he did not sow, and vowed to make life a living hell for the Minister, if he crosses his path again, while discharging his duties as Regional Minister.

“Some people in the party are burnt on disgracing me and making me a scapegoat, am I a small boy?

 I’ll not sit aloof for that to happen. How can you say, I’ve gone to defy your orders? What is Regional Minister; I don’t need that position for anything. Can he Kwamena Duncan stand me? If he dares, the sort of problems I’ll give him, he’ll forever regret that he stepped on my toes.

If he doesn’t take care, I’ll descend heavily on him, he alone has taken 50 road contracts that were awarded in the Central Region. When there was chaos after he spoke to the students, he drove off; Hon. Afenyo Markin and I, were the people calming the students down.

He asked what his contribution was during the last presidential and parliamentary elections. The controversial MP, warned he would resist every attempt by party members to portray him as the bad one.

“What was Kwamena Duncan’s contribution to the Central Region during the 2016 campaign? Did he buy even iced water for anyone? We’ve won power and people who did nothing, are rather throwing their weight about. Always some people in the party want to paint me black before the public, but I’ll resist that.”

The attack on the Minister, follows reports of the MP’s unsolicited involvement in the University for Education, Winneba (UEW) impasse, where students have been asked to go home after series of demonstrations, following the dismissal of 30 teaching and non-teaching staff by the Vice-Chancellor, Rev. Father Prof. Afful-Broni.

Ahead of the closure last Thursday, the maverick politician, was seen in the company of the MP for Effutu, Alexander Kwamena Afenfo-Markin, on the campuses of the University, working to calm the nerves of students who were agitating.

Hours after the announcement of the closure of the university by the Regional Security Council (RESCE) led by Mr Duncan, the two MPs also ordered the students not to leave campus, as it has not been closed down.

This led to Mr Afenyo-Markin, announcing on his facebook wall “I am happy to inform all students that REGSEC, has ordered the immediate reopening of the university. All UEW students are free to remain in the various halls of residence,” the MP announced late Thursday in a Facebook post.

He claimed the police have been “duly informed” and that no student will be prevented from entering campus”.

The Minister, who was asked to comment on the development in the media, indicated that he was yet to confirm that information, but added that if indeed the two MPs did that, then it amounted to misconduct on their part.

The chairman of REGSEG, denied the MP’s claim saying “It is not true”. He insisted the university remained closed until all the matters which are the subject of the impasse, are resolved by the authorities and stakeholders.

“I have not sent anyone to announce that the school should be reopened”. The RESSEG chairman indicated that it was only himself, who is mandated to speak on the matter on behalf of REGSEG, adding he has not held discussions or given anyone the authority whatsoever to make such pronouncement.

Mr Duncan argued his authority “Is nontransferable.

If you’re the chairman, you take responsibility; you don’t have the power by law to transfer your duties to someone else who is not even a member of the council who purports to act on your behalf”

The university council, management, as well as the Minister of State in charge of tertiary education and the minister of education, he said are resolving the subject matter of the impasse, and that the REGSEG, will only wait for the outcome before a decision could be taken on the reopening of the university.

The utterances of the Minister, however, did not go down well with the Assin Central MP, leading to him registering his displeasure in his usual boastful tone.

He indicated people in the party are working to reduce his image, but he won’t allow it to hold, adding he will descend heavily on the Regional Minister, if he tries anything funny.

On the same UEW impasse, the MP lost his cool at the North Campus of the University and descended into the galleries after he was infuriated by the Central Regional Police Commander.

A video revealed, the lawmaker was not enthused about a comment made by the Central Regional Police Commander, DCOP Paul Manly Awini and nearly engaged in fisticuffs with the officer of the law, but for the timely intervention of those around.

Following reports of a sporadic firing of warning shots that further heightened the tension earlier, Kennedy Agapong in the company of his colleague, Afenyo-Markin, tried questioning the motive behind the conduct of the police, but the commander made a passing comment that did not sit well with Mr Agyapong, who immediately went ballistic.

He was heard saying “What is that you are doing? If you play the fool they will remove your clothes” while angrily heading towards where the police chief who was standing opposite where he was but the others restrained him amidst shouts from the students in support of the action of Mr Kennedy Agyapong.

The Police, have since issued a statement warning the MP to desist from that behaviours, as he has no locus to dismiss any officer.










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