Reforms Must Be Left For The Electoral Commission


The eight months of legal gymnastics have come and gone, with a verdict given in favour of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and John Dramani Mahama, as the validly elected president.

After the incessant calls for peace, we are now back to another topic that we at The Herald think is uncalled for at this time and that is the debate on the proposal by some of the Nine Justices of the Supreme Court for electoral reforms.

Although, we are hesitating to admit the negative impact the protracted court case had on this country, the reality is there for everybody to see, that is if you can’t hear.

We must come to a point where we say, this is the political season, and when that time passes, we should also recognize and realize the time to think of development.

There is time for everything, but we tend to spend every day of the week, month and year, talking about nothing but politics, as if that is what will put food on the table of ordinary Ghanaians.

We agree with some of the recommendations of reforms espoused by some of the Justices, but we think that should be left to the Electoral Commission (EC), the Inter Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) and other relevant institutions involved in elections in this country to debate and come out with a reform that will be acceptable by all parties.

We talk too much in this country, we must learn to priorities and leave the Institutions of State to work. People are paid to perform specific task, and we must have faith in their ability to do their work.

The President has less than three years, until campaign starts, the petitioners have already taken away a year of his and the time of Ghanaians.
Every discussion must be centered on how we can all help the President and his team to deliver his promise of a Better Ghana.

Ghanaians are concern more about their source of livelihood, than how one man or group of persons must come to power.

The EC must be allowed to do its work, all the reforms they have introduced since 1992, when we ushered in the 1992 Constitution, they did it with the full support and corporation of IPAC, we believe they can still do that. Democracy after all is work in progress.

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