RE: Yours Sincerely, Lordina Mahama, Super First Lady


This was the title of a piece written by my old foe, Eric Bawah, in the Daily Guide edition of Wednesday July 16, 2014, in his column “Time With Angel Gabriel”, not that the article makes any sense and must elicit any response, as that will be dignifying him and his epistle, but sometimes a fool must be told he is a fool.

How can anybody, who claims to be puffing Don Candigo Cigar and loves it so much, while writing for discerning readers, be allowed to take part in the project called Ghana? What good advice will be coming from someone who has smoke coming from his mouth and nose?

Smoke is a substance that clouds your judgment and limits your sense of reasoning, I will not have had any axe to grind with good old Eric Bawah, if at the time of writing the article, he was not smoking something, but since he was chewing on some cigar he so much loved, let me clear his thought and eyes with some words of wisdom.

I have noticed reading from his write-ups that he is an old man, who has seen and experience it all; his recollection of what happened in previous administrations dating back to the days of our First President and founder, Dr. Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, does not tell of a man, who only read it in books, but someone who lived through the times, both bad and good, but age is catching up on him, so he lacks clarity of thought.

In our culture we equate old age with wisdom, but Eric Bawah seem to have sacrificed that wisdom on the altar of politics and that unfortunately has been the bane of this country. The elderly in society, who are supposed to be the conscience of the society, have sold their conscience for pittance.

Madam Lordina Mahama, has been in the news, especially recently for all the wrong reasons and Eric Bawah is also taking advantage of someone on the ground.

Our elders have a saying that when the elephant is down, even the smallest animal will take advantage of it.

I expected someone with the experience of Eric Bawah to know that not everything you read in the newspapers or hear is true; it could be a figment of somebody’s imagination.

In politics you have so many faceless enemies, who are always foraging for bad news to attack you. It is also true that as we say in Ghana, when you want to talk to God, talk to the wind, people will want to get at the President, and the best way is to go through the wife.

So the strategy is to describe her in very unpalatable words and give her certain powers that she does not have. Eric Bawah is a learned man, who knows the Constitution, the Constitution has not made provision for the First Lady, she does not sit in Cabinet, it is not in her place to award contract, let alone order Ministers of State.

Ghanaians have a short memory and Eric Bawah is one of us, we have suddenly forgotten the powers some former First Ladies wielded in this country, they were so powerful that their words became law. Madam Lordina Mahama, has been the first lady for only two years and no reasonable man, with the full benefit of his faculty can conclude that she is the worse we have had since independence.

If I will begrudge her, it will be because she continued in the footsteps of our former first ladies, by engaging herself in humanitarian work.

She is criss-crossing the country and bringing relief to many of our people, especially women and the vulnerable in society, she could have sat in her house and enjoyed the many blessings God has brought to her home, but no, she wants to share what she has.

According to Eric Bawah, Madam Lordina, has introduced profligate and ostentatious lifestyle. She travels in a motorcade-led by fleet of luxurious four wheel state-of-the-art cars and splashes monies about as if she plucks them from trees.

How can an old man make such a wild and unsubstantiated allegation, is his conclusion based on observation, hear say or just envy?

Has he ever encountered the First Lady sharing money, has he ever met her travelling in a motorcade led fleet of luxurious cars?

Giving a dog a bad name and hanging it, is what seem to be playing up when it comes to the first lady. A lot of people are envious of the role she has adopted as mother-for-all.

Eric Bawah continued that she dresses foppishly as if she is living in a decadent society. A foppish person is someone who is so interested in his clothes and the way he looks.

In all honesty Madama Lordina does not dress lavishly as Eric Bawah wants us to believe. She is also in her African wear and anybody who has ever gotten close to her knows that she is a shy type who does not like to flaunt around.

It is within our right to criticize whoever we see fit, but constructive and objective criticism is what develops a society, this open and naked hatred directed at the person of the First Lady, will not make Eric Bawah any popular.

We are not created the same, even twins have their unique characteristics, so no sane person, will expect Madam Lordina Mahama to behave like the first ladies before her, so such a lame and unintelligent comparisons is only done by Cigar puffing and misguided individuals like Eric Bawah.

Madam Lordina’s public appearance has only been about extending a helping hand to the women and the vulnerable in thesociety, you can hardly hear of her, unless she is providing assistance in whatever form to one group or another.

If that is what can be described as luxurious and ostentatious lifestyle, God help her to do more.

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