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We need to change our attitude as journalists and media houses on how we report things about our country and our leaders; we should also endeavour to emulate the foreign media, like the CNN, BBC etc, who never report negative things about their countries and their leaders.

I am possibly going to use some bad and unpalatable words in this column. If you cannot stomach them, please stop reading, if you are a worker at the Daily Guide or the owner(s) of the paper, this article is not meant for you.

I do not waste my thoughts on some people in Ghana. Despite their antics and cries for attention, I dismiss this bunch of political actors, who are parading as journalists. Some are so rotten that I consider them irredeemable, but I cannot sleep knowing that a man, who has gotten to where he is through hard work, dedication, love for his country, upholding the law and finally not free to speak his mind is taken to the cleaners by people who have earned their keep by insulting and selling their insanity to unsuspecting public.

Daily Guide has shown their disdain towards Justice William Atuguba, since the day he sat as the presiding judge in the election petition brought by three members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) at the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately for Judges, they do not have the opportunity of rebuttal, so we can all comfortable criticize them, without stopping to consider their consequences of running down the bench.

Being a judge does not mean you lose your humanity, nor you do not see, hear or feel what is going on around you. They have their opinions, just as we all do, and it is because they cannot run to the media to speak for them that is why, when you appear before them in their court, they share their frustrations at how low the
country and our society is sinking.

The Daily Guide and people who think like them, hates a marketplace of ideas, because they have no confidence in their own opinions. So they dislike any person that challenges us to be better and tries to hold politicians accountable.

What did Justice William Atuguba say for the paper to devote an editorial to denigrate him, with the only justification being the judgment given in the election Petition brought before them.

For those who need more details, this is the essential part of that editorial.
We pray to God Almighty to grant us long lives and good health. This way we would witness the vicissitudes of life as they unfold.

During a celebratory activity at the University of Ghana Law School a few days ago, Mr Justice William Atuguba made interesting and rich, if you like, observations about Ghana.

He did not spare the Ghana Bar Association (GBA) a query for what to him is its sudden slumber as pertinent issues are left unattended to as he recalled a yesterday full of good things.

We dare state in opposition that what prevailed yesterday continues today, if he cares to know.

Justice Atuguba would have rather, we think by inference, the GBA returns to its days of demonstrations against negative developments affecting the nation. These are interesting times and there are many ahead for those who are blessed by God with long life and good health.

We salute him for his observation about a polarised GBA, but wish to add that he should have said same for the judiciary whose performance is anything but heart-warming. Although he is entitled to his opinion, which is what he has spewed out, we too can put forth what we think about a judiciary which is as polarised as the GBA – a fact evidenced during the proceedings of the election petition hearing which he powered to its fateful end.

A petition which should have put paid to an issue threatening the democracy of the country ended up failing to do so by its polarised management and outcome.

Thankfully we too are only expressing our opinion on pertinent issues, one of which is what many people think about him. These are after all not judicial issues lying on his awesome desk waiting for his verdict. We cannot therefore be subjected to the “have you seen your size” humiliation treat as some suffered at his hands. Unsurprisingly, his thought that only players on one side of the political divide have reduced the country to its present depths has been etched in the psyche of many Ghanaians as they find it repulsive.

Some regarded his demeanour and remarks during the petition hearing as an abuse of authority which did nothing to enhance the image of the judiciary, especially coming from a personality stained with partisanship tendencies.

It is ironic that he is seeing things differently today and putting same for public consumption. For somebody who missed an opportunity to disprove to the world that the judiciary has been infested with the all-pervading contagion of polarisation, we think that his opinion on the setbacks of the Ghanaian society is worthy of a snub and sneer.

While his contribution to the outcome of the landmark election petition became a subject of negative remarks across the country and unfortunately beyond, we find it bizarre that he would turn round the way he has to cast aspersions on the GBA and other departments of state.

We would pause here as our compatriots digest the import of his observations. We shall return to the subject though.

What did the Justice of the Supreme Court said that has not being said already by all who matter in the judiciary. The Justice, Georgina Theodora Wood, has on many occasions taking a swipe at the judiciary, because it was coming from her, a supposed sympathizer of the NPP, it sat well with them.

We are expected to elevate our politics, journalist as some puts it are to go where the truth takes them, but with these behaviors it looks more like we go where the fruit takes us.

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, who has respect for the courts and rule of law, has gotten over the decision, but a media house that rides on the idiosyncrasies, excesses and stupidity of some politicians, is still holding onto the ruling as though the Justices erred in their decision.

Elections are won at the polling stations and not at the courts, the Judges interpreted the law to the best way they know how, they was an opportunity of appeal, but Nana Addo said he was not going to pursue that option, what is Daily Guide’s beef.

I had to restrain myself, even though I had stated at the beginning of the article that I was going to use unpalatable words, I owe my readers some respect and decorum, for their sake I held back my anger.

The best way to properly insult someone is to ignore them. That is what I will go back to doing now that I have let out steam.

I must, however, issue a disclaimer that as the concluding paragraph of the editorial suggested that they shall return to the subject, I will equally hold my horses until that time and day, and then, I will also descend into the gutters with them.

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