The Management of Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) has taken notice of publications in the 20th and 21st March 2019 editions of the Ghanaian Times and Daily Graphic newspapers, and carried by different media outlets.

SSNIT wishes to respond as follows:

1.      SSNIT computes benefits accurately in accordance with (PNDCL 247, Act 766 and Act 883), and on sound financial and actuarial principles and practices.

  1. SSNIT has not changed the mode of computation of benefits since these laws came into effect.
  2. SSNIT, which is regulated by the National Pension Regulatory Authority

(NPRA), operates a transparent administration and is governed by a competent Board of Trustees which includes four (4) members of organisedlabour, two (2) representatives from Ghana Employers’ Association, one (1) representative from National PensionersAssociation, one (1) representative from the Ministry of Finance, a representative from the Security Services, a Board Chairman, a Director-General and two (2) Government appointees.

  1. The Management of SSNIT, since last year, has been engaging organisedlabour on the matters raised in relation to the computations of benefits.
  2. The issues in reference have been referred to the NPRA by both SSNIT and organized labour for their review and directives.
  3. SSNIT awaits the pronouncements of the NPRA on these issues and would be guided by the Regulator’s directives.

We take this opportunity to assure all SSNIT contributors and pensioners that their contributions and pensions are safe and their benefits are calculated in accordance with the law.

Issued by the SSNIT Corporate Affairs Department.


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